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rallies.info Web Entry System

What does the system do?

  1. Allows competitors to make entries via the internet, using a computer, tablet or even a phone
  2. Provides an automatically updated entry list (unseeded and seeded)
  3. Generates acknowledgement emails (and/or letters, if you still want to do this)
  4. Provides the organisers with a private online management system
  5. Allows the organisers to record payments made by competitors
  6. Allows competitors to pay by card (via a link to Stripe, Paypal or WorldPay)
  7. Produces a list of which competitors owe what money
  8. Sends Acceptance of Entry e-mails when payments are fully made
  9. Records when payments are made into the bank, for financial paperwork
  10. Generates lists of competitor e-mails
  11. Provides Motorsport UK approved electronic signing-on documents, avoiding the need to upload PDF files
  12. Produces paper-style Motorsport Signing-on sheets with competitor details pre-printed (as well as sheets for Officals and Media), if we ever go back to using these.
  13. Produces Insurance Signing On Sheet for REIS, Locktons and Jelf, and any others on request.

How does the system work?

The web entry system is a website system, which has two parts. One part is the bit competitors see, and the other part is the management part, which is only accessible to organisers with the correct username and password.

The web entry system does not need any software to be installed on anyone's PC, and can be used from anywhere in the world which has internet access. All you need is a web browser.

Will my competitors use the system?

Definitely. Even when an event uses the system for the first time, you can expect almost all of the entries to come via the Internet.

Do I need to know anything about computers?

Not really. Providing you know how to browse the web, you'll be okay. If you've ever ordered anything over the web, it's no more difficult than that.

Who else uses the system?

The system is used by over 250 events per year, including the Wales Rally GB, the British Rally Championship, the British Historic Rally Championship, most rounds of the English, Scottish and Welsh Rally Championships, the BTRDA Rally Series, and lots of other events at all levels from International to Clubman. It is suitable for Multi-Venue and Single-Venue Stage Rallies, Road Rallies, Historic events of all types, Autotests, Sprints, Hillclimbs, Hill Rallies and even non-competitive events like Historic Runs. There's a full list at the bottom of this page.

How do competitors pay?

Competitors can either pay through Stripe, Paypal or Worldpay, using a Credit or Debit card, they can send money direct to your club/event bank account, or they can send a cheque direct to the Entries Secretary if you prefer. It's up to you which options you advertise to your competitors. If you use Stripe or Paypal card payments, the system will keep track of all the individual payments for you.

Do I need to have a website to use the Web Entry System?

No. The system can run quite happily by itself, and will provide the event with a mini website which just contains the online entry form and the unseeded and seeded entry lists. You can also put other documents on this site if you wish, and use it as a Virtual Notice Board.

We already have a club website. Can the Web Entry System be put on our site?

Yes, absolutely. All you need to do is to put links from your website to the Entry Form, and the Entry List.

Can anyone use the administration part?

When the system is first set up, you will be provided with a username and password for the private part. Anyone you choose to tell these to can use the private part. No-one else will be able to access it.

Can I access the data held in the Web Entry System?

Yes. There is an option to download all the data held in a CSV format which Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets can open directly. However, the system is meant to do everything for you, so we don't expect you to need this option.

Is the system reliable and secure?

The system has been used by hundreds of clubs for their events for many years, and is reliable. The server it runs on is housed in a secure server room, and is backed up daily to a remote server. All traffic to and from the system is encrypted (using something called TLA) in the same way as your bank website is.

What if the system doesn't do what I need it to?

Most changes necessary to personalise the system for each event are part of the setup of the system, but if there is something you still don't like, I will be happy to consider adding it to the system. If it's something others may need, I will be happy to make it part of the standard system. If it's just for you, there may be an additional charge.

Can I try the system to see what it does?

Certainly. If you send me an e-mail to let me know you're interested, I can set up a demo system for you to play with. If you like it, you just carry on and use it. If you don't, I'll just delete it, and you won't owe anything. Hardly anyone gets a demo system and doesn't use it for real though!

How much does the Web Entry System cost?

The cost is just 90p plus VAT per entry. There is no setup charge, and no minimum charge. When the costs are being worked out, test entries are ignored, as well as duplicate entries from the same crew, and silly entries. When these have been taken off, the rest are charged for. Note that all entries count, whether they end up starting the event or not.

Are there any extra charges?

If you use the standard system, there are no extra charges. Almost everyone uses the standard system, as it is written to cope with almost all types of event. However, if you need the system to do something which it doeasn't already do, I am quite happy to modify the system specially for your event. This would usually incur a cost, which we'd agree before work starts. If the modification seems likely to be popular with other events, I'll usually discount the charges by around half.

When and how do we pay?

After entries have closed, you'll be sent an invoice by e-mail, which you can pay by cheque, Bank Transfer or Paypal.

What about support for the system?

The author and maintainer of the system is Matthew Atkinson, whc has been a Clerk of the Course of both Single and Multi-Venue Stage Rallies, and a Road Rally, for 25 years, and is an Motorsport UK licensed National Clerk of the Course. He is also a computer specialist by profession. If the system does go wrong (which is unlikely), it will usually be fixed within a few hours at most.

Okay, I'm convinced, what do I do next?

Either drop Matthew Atkinson an e-mail at or telephone me on 07970 264094 in the evenings. To set up a new system, the only details needed are the name of the event, which event's setup to copy from (from the list below), and a mobile phone number for you to receive the password.

Who has used the system?

This list shows all events which have used the rallies.info Web Entry System in the last four years (raising to 7 in 2021). All entry data is kept for this long to allow clubs to contact previous competitors, or for admin such as insurance claims, but is then deleted in order to comply with the Data Protection Act. The list shows the newest events first.

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