Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
1FMichael Igoe/ Will Atkins6:015:567:0018:5711
2FPaul Murro/ Craig Simkiss6:286:087:0719:4322
3DWil Owen/ Chloe Louise Thomas6:196:197:2320:0113
6DJames Garner/ Jordan Joines6:236:227:2320:0824
7FKiaran Hankin / James Swallow6:236:217:2620:1035
15CRichard Merriman / Kath Curzon 6:286:197:2420:1116
13DAlasdair Stables/ Neil Jones6:316:267:3020:2737
14CMartin Davies/ Jason Davies6:326:267:3120:2928
26DCraig Kampschulte / Mark crisp6:336:227:3420:2949
9FPeter Elkins/ Andrew Joll6:316:297:3120:31410
20CChristopher David Berry/ Lewis Griffiths6:356:287:3020:33311
62CAlistair Hutchinson/ Jordan english6:356:317:3820:44412
71EBradley Anthony Carroll/ Jamies Gosling6:466:277:3220:45113
19DChris McCallum/ Stephen Clark6:356:387:3320:46514
16CAlex Stubbs/ Rhys Edwards6:406:357:3720:52515
11EBilly Grew/ Tom Bishop 6:336:427:4621:01216
18DCliff Evans/ Sion cunniff6:406:367:4521:01617
10FRichard Owen Morgans/ Robert Cargill6:506:307:4121:01518
31CMark Young/ Jo Young6:496:317:4421:04619
24GWill Onions/ Dave Williams6:506:407:4621:16120
56DJake Smith/ Robbie Sandford7:266:317:3421:31721
42CJosh Jones/ Sam weller7:016:417:5021:32722
27CPeter Taylor/ Charlotte Wainwright7:016:447:4721:32823
60CAndrew Hutchinson/ Joe Hutchinson7:016:427:5321:36924
53CMark Thompson/ Hannah Thompson6:586:437:5621:371025
45BAnthony Cartwright/ Brian Cartwright 7:016:477:5221:40126
30CLeighton Smith/ Karen Phelps7:036:457:5421:421127
35BPaul Sheard/ Colin Neil Stephens6:556:537:5721:45228
37AMydrian Harries/ Geraint Evans6:586:498:0221:49129
34CMatthew Edwards / Tommy Edwards 7:056:487:5621:491230
33BKevin Davies/ Sion Rowlands7:036:577:5121:51331
28CDavid Hill/ Stephen Turner7:076:527:5521:541332
40CRhydian Evans/ Llyr Davies 7:116:498:0422:041433
22DMichael Bowle/ izzie lawrence7:136:438:0822:04834
50CAdam Huggon/ Stuart Egglestone7:166:438:0622:051535
41BMark Gellatly/ Jack Morris7:056:548:1122:10436
44CKeith Daniels/ Rhys williams7:046:518:1622:111637
64ARichard Perry/ Julia Perry7:106:528:1122:13238
38AJack Edwards/ Lucie Gutteridge7:146:538:0922:16339
70ELee Clarke/ Micheal Abbott7:126:558:1122:18340
25DPaul Gorge/ Harriet Worth7:126:588:1122:21941
21EMark Blenkinsop/ Adam Blenkinsop7:107:008:1222:22442
63BPaul Joseph / Sean Crowley 7:096:598:1922:27543
67HGeorge Clarke/ Stephen Moyses 7:127:038:2022:35144
47CAnthony James Jevons/ Margaret Kelly7:137:028:2022:351745
78HJohn Clayton/ Christian Brown7:147:088:2422:46246
39CKeith Anglesea/ Christine Pearson7:187:118:1822:471847
49CJonathan Davies / Dylan Davies7:207:068:3022:561948
51AOwain Hughes / Chris Phillips 7:227:118:2322:56449
74HGuy Butler/ Oliver Waggett7:197:108:3223:01350
57AJames Larminie/ Rich Jones7:237:078:3223:02551
65CMark Dixon/ Pete Quigley7:277:148:2723:082052
85BSven Grube/ Harry Walshaw7:267:168:2823:10653
43HMartin Williams/ Martin Allwood7:237:128:4023:15454
80HWesley Gilford/ Andrew Millington7:267:168:3423:16555
75HToney Webb/ David Robinson7:307:198:3623:25656
58HGareth Humphreys/ Adam Burkill7:307:478:3423:51757
72HJack Birch/ Mike Jode7:417:348:4223:57858
77HMark Turner/ Bob Wiggins 7:307:269:0323:59959
68BNigel Scudamore / Bryan Whale7:427:338:4423:59760
82GWyn Lloyd/ Emyr Owen7:487:408:5924:27261
69DDavid Smith/ Alan Edwards 8:077:298:5824:341062
73HOwen Cule/ Matt Walk7:357:349:5325:021063
32BLauren Groves/ Dylan Thomas8:057:549:1825:17864
84HFlorence Butler/ Paul Stringer 8:048:079:0825:191165
83HKevin Ablitt/ Graham Child8:127:469:3025:281266
79HMark Christopher/ Kevin Watkins8:008:159:2425:391367
48CMatthew Rowland/ David Ley11:006:428:0025:422168
55CKevan Wilson/ James Worth7:057:0012:0026:052269
8FMark Jasper/ Don Whyatt11:007:008:1326:13670
52HJohn Day/ Will Brown7:2411:008:3727:011471
76AGeraint Williams/ Liam Jones7:2210:5730:0048:19672
61GAlwyn Llyr Williams/ Dylan Sion Richards7:0630:0030:001:07:06373
These Competitors have only reached SF 3
66HJacob Neal/ Russell Thompson7:177:048:1922:401574

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.50 miles
Stage 2
5.50 miles
Stage 3
6.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 14th April 2024 at 17:30 BST and were signed by Rob Yates (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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