Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
15Darrell Taylor/ Steve McNulty6:116:046:436:129:449:260:1044:3011
Car 1 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS6
725James Labey/ Sion Cunniff6:186:226:436:149:439:230:1044:5322
Car 72 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS5
55Neil Weaver/ James Bailey6:116:086:316:139:4411:120:4046:3933
Car 5 Penalty details:- 0:40 for Short Cutting SS5 (twice)
235John Tear/ Robert Turton6:316:406:566:3510:2310:1147:1644
213Craig Bowler/ Chris Whittall6:466:337:076:4410:3110:2248:0315
24Darren Nugent/ Peter Johnson6:526:337:116:4510:4310:200:1048:3416
Car 2 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS1
342Joe Piggott/ John Fellowes6:576:397:106:4810:4710:1548:3617
45Miles Taylor/ Barry Young6:386:216:507:4810:2210:150:4048:5458
Car 4 Penalty details:- 0:40 for Short Cutting SS5 (twice)
294Ben Williams/ Russell Joseph7:036:477:116:5110:3710:180:1048:5729
Car 29 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS5
95Garry Carver/ Ann Dixon6:386:347:056:4810:3311:160:1049:04610
Car 9 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS1
412Dominic Scott / Dan Evans 6:566:507:096:5610:5410:2949:14211
35Daniel Bird/ Richard Scarbrough6:179:396:396:219:449:321:1049:22712
Car 3 Penalty details:- 0:40 for Short Cutting SS4 (twice)
0:30 for Short Cutting SS5
713Matthew Stroud/ Joel Wharton6:526:457:006:4410:4011:3749:38213
203Kevin Franks/ Craig Walley7:026:507:247:0610:5210:4149:55314
193Craig Stevens/ Jack Morris6:536:397:016:4312:3910:3550:30415
164Peter Outram/ Jemma West7:026:537:177:0911:1211:0550:38316
301Carl Robson/ Iain Norton 6:596:517:237:0511:2311:0050:41117
442Ryan Lloyd/ James Wardle6:566:467:146:5911:4111:3751:13318
261Matthew Walk/ Adrian Walk7:056:557:247:1511:2311:1251:14219
562Harry David Pinchin/ Colin Jenkins7:076:497:137:0711:2311:3751:16420
612Gary Powell/ Yvonne Powell7:006:537:227:0711:2311:3751:22521
662 Alistair Crawford / Greg Halfpenny7:066:487:197:0611:3311:3751:29622
522Daniel Sedgwick / Matthew hewlett6:596:497:147:0211:5311:3751:34723
603Gordon Sneddon / Will Sneddon 7:137:057:277:0511:2611:3751:53524
173Nick Kitching / Tubbs Boynton 6:586:337:1210:0010:5410:3652:13625
433Mike Stainthorpe/ Benjamin Watts7:116:517:197:1012:0611:3752:14726
224David Cluckie/ Damian Bird7:187:017:327:3111:3811:040:1052:14427
Car 22 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS1
315Tony North/ James Hood 7:217:017:377:1812:0611:1652:39828
254Andy Brinkley/ Helena Mayall7:277:227:357:1811:2911:3652:47529
552D F Ramsay/ Charlotte Wainwright 7:257:057:317:2011:5211:3752:50830
583Mark Summers/ Andrew Millington7:227:157:367:2011:5111:3753:01831
402Matt Chapman/ Ken Worf7:117:097:387:2412:1211:370:1053:21932
Car 40 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS2
464Mark Turner/ Emma Cooper7:297:037:507:2311:5911:3753:21633
483David Martin/ Jordine Crooks 7:337:147:337:1812:2011:3753:35934
123Rob Watson/ Josh Watson7:317:117:527:2211:1912:2453:391035
541Mark Redgate/ Kevin Ablitt7:227:037:397:4912:1411:3753:44336
574Kyle Wilson/ John Pinder7:447:267:407:2411:5311:3753:44737
424Bob Walker/ Corey Powell Jones7:237:107:347:1912:4111:300:1053:47838
Car 42 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS4
394John Clayton/ Marc Clayton7:347:157:477:2112:3011:2053:47939
641Kay Thompson/ Reece Brookes7:307:137:487:3712:1511:370:1054:10440
Car 64 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS1
272James Durkin/ Alan Edwards 7:007:027:1410:0012:1410:5654:261041
591Connor Sisson/ Ashleigh Will7:197:127:557:4112:0411:370:4054:28542
Car 59 Penalty details:- 0:40 for Short Cutting SS1 (twice)
533Joe Harwood/ Liam Charlton7:517:217:527:3312:3911:3754:531143
683David Martin Deagle/ Ian Jackson7:477:298:007:3612:2911:3754:581244
511Kevin Hullah/ Chris Harding7:517:358:037:4612:2311:3755:15645
471Stew Dockray/ Andy Dockray10:007:237:297:0811:4811:3755:25746
363Massie Piggott/ Julian Monkley7:547:247:567:3312:4611:5455:271347
381Robert Overend / Steven Young7:337:247:557:4112:5212:030:1055:38848
Car 38 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS4
702Rodger Cunningham/ David Cunningham 8:107:558:097:5612:3411:3756:211149
672Bob Wiggins/ Phil Bramma7:417:398:207:5912:4211:370:4056:381250
Car 67 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Short Cutting SS1
0:30 for Short Cutting SS2
692Jason Phillips/ Zoe Phillips8:177:588:578:2513:2511:3758:391351
733Alex Steele/ Alex Wingfield10:007:127:4910:0012:1315:001:02:141452
351Gareth Williams/ Jack Williams7:567:368:077:4813:4511:3711:101:07:59953
Car 35 Penalty details:- 11:10 for 67:00 late at ATC5
503Dan Robinson/ Nick Cook7:046:4610:0030:0012:0211:371:17:291554
623Neil Harrold/ Dennis Sanford7:457:1210:0030:0012:2611:371:19:001655

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.09 miles
Stage 2
5.09 miles
Stage 3
5.31 miles
Stage 4
5.31 miles
Stage 5
8.70 miles
Stage 6
8.70 miles

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