Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
4AMichael Igoe/ Will Atkins6:126:086:2718:4711
1ARob Hughes/ Sion Cunniff6:166:096:3318:5822
6APaul Murro / Craig Simkiss 6:216:176:3819:1633
3AJohn Griffiths / Emma Morrison 6:326:146:3219:1844
9AGavin Edwards/ Ifan Rowlands6:256:186:3919:2255
5AHugh Hunter/ Rob Fagg6:406:206:3719:3766
11AThomas Cooper/ Paul Williams6:406:236:4119:4477
2ATony Robinson/ Simon Coates6:356:286:4719:5088
7CWil Owen/ Chloe Louise Thomas6:396:336:5420:0619
8CJames Garner / Jordan Joines6:506:346:5220:16210
15CMartin Hodgson/ Tony Jones6:466:366:5620:18311
13DChristopher David Berry/ Lewis Griffiths6:586:497:0220:49112
24BBradley Anthony Carroll/ James Gosling6:536:547:000:1020:57113
Car 24 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Jump Start SS3
27BCristian Davies/ Ethan Zdrodowski 6:586:487:1521:01214
10BMartin Farrar / Andy Ward7:056:507:1021:05315
23CCraig Kampschulte / Kevin Lewis7:026:487:1621:06416
31DAlex Stubbs/ Rhys Edwards7:046:527:1821:14217
37DPeter Taylor/ Charlotte Wainwright7:166:557:2621:37318
41DBryn Hughes/ John Ifan Jones7:227:007:1821:40419
16DMark Young/ Jo Young7:277:047:2421:55520
40BLee Thomas/ Ben Forrester7:217:027:3421:57421
18EPaul Sheard/ Colin Neil Stephens7:257:017:3422:00122
35DEmyr Evans/ Wyn jones7:356:587:3122:04623
21DKevin Williams/ Andrew Davies7:407:087:2822:16724
22DPaul Gorge/ Harriet Worth7:287:117:4322:22825
14Cmichael bowle/ izzie lawrence7:307:177:4822:35526
36BJonathon Kennedy/ Greg Williams7:507:257:3922:54527
33DWilliam Dafydd Thomas/ Dewi Wyn Williams7:447:287:5423:06928
49GLuke Constantine/ Antony Coates7:407:357:5723:12129
42GOwain Hughes / Chris Phillips 7:467:308:0023:16230
57Dalwyn llyr williams/ dylan richards8:147:177:4823:191031
32Dkeith Anglesea/ Christine Pearson7:507:238:1223:251132
47GTom Constantine/ Tony Walker 7:517:308:1023:31333
46GJonah O'Connor/ Chris Davies 7:527:368:0323:31434
44CMatthew Harwood/ Pete Eckersley7:387:368:2023:34635
38GThomas Milne/ Neil Jeffrey7:587:338:0823:39536
29GJack Edwards/ Lucie Gutteridge 8:097:288:0523:42637
48GNiall cowan Snr/ Niall cowan jr8:047:498:2024:13738
52ELauren groves/ Tim Nunn8:238:028:2724:52239
53FCai Evans/ Llifon Williams8:278:048:3125:02140
50FRobert Barnett/ Andrew Napier 8:258:078:4625:18241
26CJoe Roberts/ Gareth Jones8:378:238:5325:53742
56CRichard Greening/ Caroline Greening9:238:409:5027:53843
54FGabrielle Desy/ Michael Stanley10:069:129:3328:51344
55FTyler Gregory-Baker/ Daniel James10:079:159:4629:08445
51DSimon Double/ Jessica Mitchell8:187:5413:0029:121246
45DAnthony James Jevons/ Margaret Kelly7:429:3113:0030:131347
58GEuan Syme / Craig Nelson9:2630:009:1748:43848
28BTony Davies/ Harry Walshaw12:0030:007:4949:49649
These Competitors have only reached SS 3F
12DBertie Morton/ Mark Walker7:116:527:0921:121450
25DKevin Davies/ Sion Rowlands7:457:127:4322:401551

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.00 miles
Stage 2
6.00 miles
Stage 3
6.20 miles

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