Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
15James Ford/ Pete Rigby8:198:2016:3911
45Darrell Taylor/ Dylan Thomas8:538:3217:2522
35John Cope/ Simon Hunter8:528:3417:2633
85Mike English/ Andy Robinson 8:508:3717:2744
155Nick Stamper/ Glenn Mercer9:138:5418:0755
202Lewis Hooper/ Gareth Hooper9:239:0018:2316
14David Gratrix / Iain Reece 9:319:0418:357
213Craig Bowler/ Chris Whittall9:409:0418:4418
105Adrian Marrocco/ Terry Martin9:349:1618:5069
122Lyndon Barton / Dave France 9:349:2018:54210
55Martin Farrar / Andy Ward9:209:3618:56711
172John Deegan/ Pauline merrills 9:499:1819:07312
353Dom Mctear / Jason Mctear 9:499:2919:18213
133Kevin Franks/ Craig Walley9:499:3119:20314
321Stephen Bethwaite/ Ann Dixon 10:049:4319:47115
423Martin Quilliam / Adam Thompson 10:109:4819:58416
293Sean flint/ Paul flint10:1010:0620:16517
372MR M A BOOTH/ Ashley Kennell10:219:5520:16418
251Barri Wilmot / Reece Brookes10:0010:2720:27219
342Mr Jeffrey Simm/ Mr Matthew Daniels10:349:5320:27520
391Gareth Williams/ Jack Williams10:2610:1120:37321
331Darren Roberts/ Dale Gabbert10:3810:1320:51422
313James Durkin/ Alan Edwards 12:419:1821:59623
112Danny Poole/ James Swallow9:2813:0022:28624
195Dave Orritt/ Dave Tortoishell9:4713:0022:47825
231Bruce Lindsay/ ANT AYTON9:4813:0022:48526
185Andy Darlington/ Josh Jones9:5813:0022:58927
405Steven Farman/ Jonathan cragg10:3813:0023:381028
25Simon Bowen/ Craig Simkiss9:0730:0039:071129
222Dan Sedgwick/ Sam Ambler 13:0030:0043:00730
285Darren Wilson/ Jamie Wilson13:0030:0043:001231
These Competitors have only reached SF 2
411Hazel Johnson/ Steven Butler10:4310:2521:08632
382Joe Merrills/ Phil Merrills10:0413:0023:04833

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.50 miles
Stage 2
6.50 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 18th February 2024 at 16:55 GMT and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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