Car Cls Crew12345678910 Penalty Total Cls
117APaddy Homan/ Tom Homan16:00.030:00.022:00.029:00.01:37.31:35.18:13.04:32.23:38.97:42.4Retired
72CAlistair Hutchinson/ StJohn Dykes16:00.030:00.022:00.029:00.01:28.81:25.87:41.64:09.73:19.36:59.9Retired
125CMike Smith/ Richard Glew8:16.58:19.33:29.17:18.51:41.01:32.67:55.04:23.33:28.5 Retired
1EDavid Henderson/ Chris Lees7:59.78:29.03:36.78:24.41:21.91:20.26:35.53:33.52:51.3 Stopped in stage
29EMike English/ Andy Robinson 7:33.27:32.13:13.16:48.11:27.11:25.07:17.33:58.23:08.0 Retired
15EJoe Cunningham/ Joshua Beer7:01.97:01.63:05.66:32.81:22.61:19.56:46.03:40.4  Retired
106HJon Atherton/ Jack Atherton9:54.29:50.94:07.89:04.41:59.81:51.59:23.8   8:00.0Retired
Car 106 Penalty details:- 8:00 for 8:00 early at SSA 8
114DDavy Dalton/ Corey Jones8:14.38:05.43:55.37:16.41:35.31:31.38:10.9   2:00.0Retired
Car 114 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at TC 4A
54DBarry Renwick/ Paul Hughes8:07.47:51.63:23.17:14.21:31.21:28.67:38.9   Retired
53EAdrian Spencer/ Mark Hewitt8:17.27:53.83:20.67:05.71:31.81:29.97:29.7   Engine issues
43EDavid Longfellow/ Mark Broadbent7:56.57:46.13:22.37:12.51:31.01:31.87:57.0   Hitting fencepost 5
23EDarrell Taylor/ Dylan Thomas7:35.97:31.23:14.57:03.81:26.61:24.47:17.8   Retired
82EAdam Williams/ Jonathon Kennedy 7:52.07:39.93:19.97:40.01:32.31:29.9    Retired
81CJamie McBain/ Callum Young8:09.27:56.24:41.88:45.83:00.03:00.0    43:00.0Wheel bearing
Car 81 Penalty details:- 43:00 for 43:00 early at TC 6A
35DCraig Pennington / Wayne Priest 8:50.68:51.03:44.513:42.81:39.11:53.9    3:00.0Retired
Car 35 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SSA 2
2:00 for 2:00 early at SSA 5
34EAlexander Vassallo/ Sion Cunniff          Non-Starter
124BJames Durkin / Andy Walshaw 8:21.28:08.73:36.614:00.0      2:00.0Retired
Car 124 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at SSA 3
47CBen Howlett/ Simon Howlett16:00.07:56.43:21.07:13.3      Head gasket
61BTim Johnson/ Adam Burkill8:03.07:58.43:21.6       Retired
59EPeter Stewart/ Kerrie MacGillivray7:14.57:17.03:11.2       Retired
12DDavid Bogie/ John Rowan7:15.97:18.4        Retired
4EDavid Wright/ Jane Nicol6:52.46:48.3        Retired
128DAnthony Windle/ John Hendley8:06.8         Retired
120CDave Mclachlan/ Adam Mclachlan 7:57.2         Retired
62DPhilip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock7:55.8         Clutch failure
92CGeoff Phelps/ Colin Jenkins7:51.1         Retired
58CMatt Tarbutt/ Mike Yates          Driveshaft
131DAndrew Watson/ John Turton          Retired
45EPhil Burton/ Simon Mills          Off
143DClint Eade/ Sam Spencer          Retired
52ENathan Bolton/ Phil Kenny          Retired
14EJohn Stone/ Laura Marshall          Non-Starter
56AKev Dunn/ Sean Douglas           Non-Starter
40EAndy Fenwick/ Harry Marchbank          Non Starter
17EJonny Milner/ Duncan McMath          Non-Starter
130HStephen Higgins/ Teresa Butler          Non-Starter
24DBrad Cole/ Jamie Vaughan          Non-Starter
48DRoss Brusby / Sam Collis          Retired
121BDaniel Poole/ Chris Coomes           Non-Starter
32DMark Jasper/ Don Whyatt          Non-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Wawne 1
7.89 miles
Stage 2
Coom Hill 1
7.56 miles
Stage 3
Hatfield 1
3.29 miles
Stage 4
Dunnington 1
6.98 miles
Stage 5
Westwood 1
1.63 miles
Stage 6
Westwood 2
1.63 miles
Stage 7
Wawne 2
7.89 miles
Stage 8
Coom Hill 2
4.22 miles
Stage 9
Hatfield 2
3.29 miles
Stage 10
Dunnington 2
6.98 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 25th February 2024 at 18:25 GMT and were signed by Matthew Atkinson (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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