Car Cls Crew1 Penalty Total Cls
1085Joe Cunningham/ Josh Beer9:319:3111
1095Alan Carmichael / Bonnie Papper9:339:3322
1045Andrew Purcell/ Martin Brady9:369:3633
1015Elliot Payne/ Jack Morton9:389:3844
1125Phil Pickard / Simon Pickard 9:529:5255
1105John Bannister / Emma Clarke9:579:5766
1035Neil Roskell / Andrew Roughead9:589:5877
1075Eddie Lewis/ Sion Cunniff10:0610:0688
1H2Matthew Robinson / Sam Collis10:0710:0719
2H2Steve Bannister/ Callum Atkinson10:1110:11210
102H2George Lepley/ Dale Bowen 10:1110:11311
1175Trevor Gamble/ Phil Kenny9:500:3010:20912
Car 117 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Hit Chicane SS1
72H2Barry McKenna/ Arthur Kierans10:2110:21413
63Ash Slights/ Dave Robson10:2210:22114
1205Darren Martin/ Daniel Hurst10:2310:231015
4H2David Brown / Richard Wardle10:2510:25516
1155David Welch/ Andy Smith10:2510:251117
82Mat Smith / Derek Cornforth 10:2610:26118
1165Scott Renshaw/ Terry Wilson 10:2610:261219
1215Liam Clark/ Emily Easton-Page10:2610:261320
1225Paul Gould / Kevin Gould 10:2710:271421
1235Andy Rowe/ Cat Lund10:2910:291522
3H2Paul Thompson / Josh Davison 10:3710:37623
11H2Michael McDaid/ Harry Stubbs10:3810:38724
9H2Chris Skill/ Brian Hodgson10:3910:39825
1145Alexander Vassallo/ Chris Lees10:3910:391626
73Nick Cook/ Nigel Hutchinson10:4210:42227
5H2Seb Perez/ Gary McElhinney10:4910:49928
1185Steve Pawson / Liam Whiteley10:5110:511729
17H2Andrew Robinson / Kevin Wilson 10:5410:541030
16H2Ken Sturdy/ Glyn Thomas10:5810:581131
1135Gary Cooper / Jon Riley 10:320:3011:021832
Car 113 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Hit Chicane SS1
182Ben Cree/ Robert Wiggins11:0311:03233
58H2Jack Mathewson/ Miles Cartwright11:0711:071234
1265Ian Ring/ Paul Vasey11:0711:071935
12H2Tim Pearcey/ Ian Jones11:0811:081336
224Martyn Hawkswell/ Ben Cohen11:0811:08137
26H2Benjamin Smith/ Steven Smith11:0911:091438
562Jake Wilson/ Adrian Wilson11:1011:10339
15H2Nick Kitching / Andrew Trollope11:1211:121540
1115Kevin Procter / Patrick Walsh11:1211:122041
21H2Dave Forrest/ Jamie Forrest11:1411:141642
23H2Andrew Siddall/ Paul Spooner11:1411:141743
25H2Dave Lucking/ Amelia Lucking11:1511:151844
241Pete Gorst/ Mark Twiname11:1711:17145
103Tony Williams/ Pete Williams11:1911:19346
30H2Steve Ward/ Phillip Sandham11:2611:261947
313Stephen Benton/ Kyle Diffin11:2611:26448
43H2Sam Lucking/ Olly Lucking11:3011:302049
414Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock11:3311:33250
1255Pete Barnett/ Jim O'Kelleher11:3311:332151
40H1Matt Bown / Tom Murphy 11:3911:39152
45H2Terry Cree/ Richard Shores11:4511:452153
36H2Ian Hildreth/ Sarah Wetton11:4711:472254
323John Hepworth/ Dave Boyes11:4911:49555
381Dom Mernock/ John Quinlan11:5011:50256
48H2Phil Thompson / Tom Hughes11:5011:502357
1275Philip Megginson/ Paul Turner11:5011:502258
391Paddy Homan/ Tom Homan11:5211:52359
473Christopher Langthorne/ Wayne Langthorne11:5211:52660
494Mark Jones/ Mick Munday11:5511:55361
44H2Paul Mathewson/ Ian Bass11:5911:592462
611Roger Nevitt/ Ben Wild12:0012:00463
603Paul Turton/ John Turton12:0112:01764
663Jonathan Haynes / Oliver Foster12:0512:05865
353Graham Haigh/ Kari Bates12:0612:06966
50H1Paul Rawson/ Mike Curry12:0612:06267
524Martin Peirson / Alan Ward12:0612:06468
543Mike Stainthorpe/ Martin Cockerill 12:0712:071069
293Colin Blunt/ Mark Blunt12:0912:091170
53H2Nick Welch/ Ben Welch12:1012:102571
622Chris Watts/ Benjamin Watts12:2312:23472
641Luke Constantine/ Tom Constantine12:2712:27573
683Darren Kelter/ Sam Kelter12:2712:271274
344Ian Jemison / Dean Kellett12:3112:31575
33H2Stewart Scott/ Glyn Casey12:3912:392676
574Andrew Watson/ Emma Cooper12:4012:40677
37H2Tim Metcalfe/ Stephen McAuley12:4212:422778
67H2Ben Stockdale/ Josh Carr 12:4512:452879
513Alex Steele/ Paul Godden13:0413:041380
55H1Kurt Hodgson / Sam Campbell13:1613:16381
71H1Geoff Taylor/ Steve Greenhill13:2213:22482
1295Christina Robinson/ Kim Gray13:3013:302383
703Kevin Downes/ Paul Hudson14:1014:101484
463Geoff Henman / Ash Young14:2214:221585
691Chris Rock/ Phil Rock14:3614:36686
651Rob Foster/ Andrew Foster13:373:0016:37787
Car 65 Penalty details:- 3:00 for 3:00 early at ATC 2
These Competitors have only reached SF 1
633Stuart Bell/ Joe Bell12:0612:061688
These Competitors have not completed a Stage yet
193George Hewick/ Mick Johnson  1789
203Steve Magson/ Steve Bielby 1890
424Glyn Lyons / Joe Pattison  791
1195Tommy Graham/ Mark Pickering  2492
1245Craig McIntosh/ David Jackson 2593

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Langdale 1
9.51 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 5th November 2023 at 17:15 GMT and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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