Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
11Daniel Harper/ Chris Campbell11
932Stewart Wilshire / Laura MacDougall1985
274Cameron MacLean/ Robert Sherry625
1156Martyn Douglas/ Mark Thurley11107
543James Hall/ Caroline Lodge 550
21John MacCrone/ Dai Roberts22
104H2Ian Dawes/ Gary Dawes296
284Matt Tarbutt/ Mike Yates726
1174Campbell McColm / Donald McColm 28109
733Paul Miller/ Katy Mashiter766
52Lewis Gallagher / Angus Williams 15
105H2Malcolm Davey/ Malcolm Smithson397
295Iain MacKenzie/ Connor MacKenzie127
573Ben MacDowall/ Alison Horne652
746John Clayton/ Stephen Michael Booth567
111Andy Davies/ Max Freeman711
1065Andrew Wilde/ Barry Armer1498
335Kev Dunn/ Sean Douglas331
1224Linda Brown/ Mark Runciman 30113
585Ryan Ingram/ Calum MacDougall653
752Thomas Rapson/ Michael Sutherland 1668
1073Colin Hope/ Billy Dalgleish999
463Mark Borthwick/ Rhys Edwards342
595Alasdair Ingram/ Bernard McSweeney754
796Dan Chambers / Kenny Foggo 672
174Michael Harbour/ Ian Macdougall215
1102Bobby Macdonald/ Martin Maccabe24102
473Dave Thwaites/ Tony Edwards443
602Drew Gallagher/ David Crosbie1455
231David White/ Mathew White1121
1134Sandy Arbuthnott / Ian Arbuthnott 27105
502David Miller / Andrew Bailey 1246
1275Finn Thomasson/ Simon Thomasson16116
644Dave Holland/ Neil Gater 1459
916Martin Page/ Daniel Hurst883
254Dave Hopwood/ Brian foggo523
1142Donald McEwan/ Donald Morrison25106
525Stevie Irwin/ Steven Davies548
662Tommy Graham / Mark Pickering 1561
684Antony Allery/ Richard BonnerNon-Starter
705Allan Mackay/ Sean DonnellyNon Starter
551Alistair Dalgliesh/ David DalglieshNon Starter
120H5Shug Rutherford/ Louis Rutherford Non-Starter
14H3Will Rowlands / Em Hall Non-Starter
1236Kenny Watt/ TBCNon-Starter
1264Charlie Knight/ Laurence KnightNon-Starter
864Ian Curwen/ Katy MashiterNon-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Sunday 15th October 2023 at 09:00 BST and were signed by Richard Crozier (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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