Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
1Class Pro4Michael Binnie/ Claire Mole7:278:455:417:168:325:3343:1412
2Class Pro4David Henderson/ Chris Lees7:518:545:517:168:365:3844:0623
3Class M7Jock Armstrong/ Hannah McKillop7:238:405:387:118:345:4343:0911
4Class Pro4Finlay Retson/ Paul Beaton7:318:395:387:128:26 Stopped in Stage
5Class Pro4John Wink/ Neil Shanks7:358:545:517:248:455:3844:0734
6Class Pro4Hugh Brunton/ Drew Sturrock16:009:195:557:358:585:4953:361150
7Class M7Mark McCulloch / Michael Hendry      Non Starter
8Class Pro4Stephen Petch / Michael Wilkinson 7:329:015:467:218:505:4244:1245
9Class M7Angus Lawrie/ Paul Gribben8:578:575:429:19  Mechanical
10Class Pro4Iain Wilson/ Chris Williams7:439:065:597:359:025:5545:2056
11Class Pro4William Paterson/ Tom Hynd7:419:145:517:388:586:1145:3367
12Class Pro4Joe Hegarty/ David Turkington8:079:255:597:469:095:5246:1878
14Class M6Ian Baumgart/ Liam Andrew Whiteley8:139:346:118:009:286:1647:42114
15Class Pro4John Rintoul/ Ross Hynd8:179:476:159:299:506:2450:021031
16Class M7Chris Collie/ Ricky Finlayson8:019:166:027:549:176:1646:4629
17Class M7Phil Pickard / Simon Pickard 8:109:396:047:529:316:0747:23310
18Class C5John McIlwraith/ Heather Grisedale10:249:376:128:179:436:1350:26133
19Class M7Scott Peacock/ Craig Wallace8:219:396:028:049:286:0447:38413
20Class Pro4Robert Adamson / Richard Wardle8:169:366:058:019:266:0247:26811
21Class Pro4John Morrison/ Sinclair Young8:319:566:198:279:426:1749:12923
22Class M6Duncan Campbell/ Michael Cruickshank8:149:326:148:019:356:0947:45215
23Class M7Kevin Crawford / Andrew Stevenson8:2410:006:148:2610:086:1549:27626
24Class M6Colin Minton/ Bonnie Papper9:3510:346:389:0910:296:4053:05548
25Class Pro4Stuart Irvine/ Marc Irvine8:28     Stopped in Stage
26Class C5Jordan Anderson/ Harry Stubbs8:229:396:05   Fell out with tree
27Class M6Johnnie Mackay/ Rachel Matheson8:1610:056:258:209:576:2449:27325
28Class M7Orrin McDonnell/ Clare Fraser 8:199:396:308:129:286:1548:23518
29Class M6Mike Moates / Gary McDonald 9:1010:416:348:4710:226:4252:16443
30Class C5Graeme Sherry/ TBA      Non Starter
31Class M6Tommy Graham / Mark Pickering 8:3510:446:23   Steering
32Class C5Stuart Paterson / Alice Paterson 9:3411:066:5110:1211:237:0456:10361
33Class M6Jan Budge / Bruce Lindsay       Non Starter
34Class M7Aileen Forrest/ John Forrest9:1110:436:359:0010:446:3952:52745
35Class C5Gareth Dalgliesh/ Kenneth Dalgliesh      Power Loss
36Class C5Niall Philips / Darren Kennedy 10:1211:037:039:1911:207:0756:04260
37Class Pro2Peter Stewart/ Harry Marchbank8:339:356:148:239:386:0848:31122
38Class H1Stuart Egglestone/ Brian Hodgson8:199:306:148:139:236:1047:49116
39Class M4John Crawford/ Josh Davison8:159:326:057:579:296:1447:32112
40Class M4Dougal Brown/ Lewis Rochford8:139:376:158:089:356:1948:07217
41Class M5Rob Wright/ Mark Fisher8:209:366:178:229:416:1348:29220
42Class M4Paddy Munro/ Dave O'Brien8:169:346:198:1210:006:5849:19324
43Class M5David Wilson/ Kerrie MacGillivray 8:289:386:278:169:286:1148:28119
44Class M2Robert Proudlock/ Steven Brown8:269:446:158:189:316:1548:29121
45Class M1Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge8:5110:136:348:4110:076:3150:57137
46Class H2Ben Jemison/ Dave Jackson8:5010:146:318:4110:086:2850:52536
47Class M2Archie Swinscoe/ Jane Nicol      Mechanical
48Class C3Allan McDowall/ Mark Casey8:5310:246:428:4310:256:5452:01140
49Class M4David Hardie/ John McCulloch 8:479:596:218:309:566:2750:00430
50Class H1Keith Robathan/ David Law8:4110:016:328:4410:076:3650:41235
51Class H2Grant Inglis/ Gavin Chisholm8:349:596:308:439:596:3750:22332
52Class H2Donald Peacock/ Mairi Riddick8:4810:046:268:4710:106:2450:39434
53Class M4Alister MacArthur/ Chris Robertson8:5510:196:368:5410:216:3851:43539
54Class H2James Robertson/ Mike Curry8:449:546:258:329:556:2849:58229
55Class H2Tom Coughtrie/ Ian Fraser      Non Starter
56Class H2Duncan Ferguson/ Alex Murphy9:2710:526:519:1610:426:5554:03853
57Class Pro2Richard Stewart/ Carin Tait-Logan9:1311:006:579:0711:006:5254:09254
58Class H2Steve Korky Ward/ Paul Turner9:0310:346:469:0510:446:4452:56746
59Class C3Craig Smith/ Charles Mackenzie16:00     Blown Engine
60Class H1Dave Forrest/ Jamie Forrest8:4910:206:338:4610:276:3451:29338
61Class H1David McLeod/ Eamonn Boyle9:1310:236:448:5710:257:2753:09549
62Class H1Paul Rawson/ Paul Wild9:1510:507:079:1910:577:0454:32656
63Class M4Rhuaridh Campbell/ Shaina Archibald9:5011:166:58   Stopped in Stage
64Class M2Lewis Hooper/ Rhys Edwards8:489:566:318:259:436:2949:52227
65Class H2Donald Brooker/ Tony Booth9:2110:486:519:0310:487:2854:19955
66Class H2Sandy Fairbairn/ Craig Forsyth8:4010:006:318:319:546:1949:55128
67Class M3Meghan O'Kane/ John O'Kane 9:0510:416:508:4710:306:3752:30244
68Class M1Niall Cowan Jnr/ Charley Sayer-Payne8:5210:006:40   Sub Frame
69Class C1Tom Constantine/ Tony Walker 9:17     Stopped in Stage
70Class C1Mark Constantine/ Andrew Constantine9:5111:007:319:3410:486:5355:37259
71Class H2Ernie Lee/ Patricia Lee9:4211:107:059:3211:026:5855:291057
72Class C3Greg Grant/ Ben Mcintosh Balgowan 9:2710:266:489:11  Rear Axle
73Class H1Stuart Cariss/ Linda Cariss10:4111:187:139:5411:247:0657:36762
74Class M3Alistair Hutchinson/ StJohn Dykes9:0910:346:448:5310:186:2552:03141
75Class Pro2Linzi Henderson/ Sue Hynd10:2211:337:099:3611:28 Bent Wheel
76Class M2Martyn Erskine/ Kieran Hyslop9:4110:546:519:1010:336:3953:48351
77Class C3Alistair Brearley / Gerry Bryden9:1910:586:579:54  Mechanical
78Class H2Tony Thompson/ Matthew Thompson9:0610:446:428:4310:196:3352:07642
79Class H1Douglas Menzies/ Graeme Menzies9:1710:446:469:0410:306:3752:58447
80Class C4Ian Jemison / Dean Kellett 9:4511:107:16   Off Road
81Class C1Niall Cowan / Chris Wareham9:4511:046:529:4011:117:0555:37158
82Class H1Rob Graham/ Helen Harkness      Electrical
83Class C2Scott Gourlay / Greg Alcorn9:3311:086:469:1410:376:3853:56152
84Class C1Lochlan McIver/ Cameron Morrison10:26     Off Road
85Class Pro2Charlie Wright/ Adam Westerby9:4713:277:32   Mechanical
86Class H1Robin Hamilton/ Kenny McGuire10:0311:267:1010:0211:378:3958:57864
601Class LRDanny Hedges/ Benjamin Hall10:0211:387:1810:1111:317:2258:02163
602Class LRKeith Harvey/ Josephina Harris10:1511:57    Fluid Leaking
603Class LRGeorge Martin/ Jack Bean12:46    Stopped in Stage
604Class LRBen Shackleton/ Luke Eastwood10:3812:5210:0011:0713:048:071:05:48265

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Kinharvie 1
7.83 miles
Stage 2
Ae 1
9.00 miles
Stage 3
Dalbeattie 1
4.77 miles
Stage 4
Kinharvie 2
7.83 miles
Stage 5
Ae 2
9.00 miles
Stage 6
Dalbeattie 2
4.77 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 22nd July 2023 at 19:20 BST and were signed by Jonathan Lord (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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