Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
66Michael Igoe/ Will Atkins9:148:508:358:3235:1111
26Mark Kelly/ Neil Colman9:028:428:398:390:3035:3222
Car 2 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane SS4 Post 17
86Tony Robinson/ Mark Witherspoon9:169:028:528:5536:0533
36Ollie O'Donovan/ Ashleigh Morris9:059:008:548:500:3036:1944
Car 3 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane SS3 Post 17
76Kiaran Hankin/ James Swallow9:389:079:268:4736:5855
116Daniel Bird/ Tony Hart9:379:068:579:2037:0066
136Jack Ives/ David Read9:509:059:138:5837:0677
224Stephen Sawley / Rob Johnson9:389:229:059:0437:0918
185Lee Hastings/ Cole Hastings9:379:199:099:1837:2319
125Joe Mckeand/ Charlotte Mcdowall9:489:259:119:0637:30210
144Alasdair Stables/ Neil Jones9:489:299:189:0937:44211
204Gerry Fitzelle/ Mark Mason9:539:329:149:2037:59312
56David Campling / James Ducker9:569:279:179:2138:01813
232Ben Wilkinson/ Andrew Wilkinson 9:499:359:309:3038:24114
482Joseph Duffy/ Aaron Brimblecombe 10:149:439:269:2638:49215
162Chris Ruck/ Steve Harris10:169:399:279:3638:58316
195Phil Burton/ Katy Burton9:579:529:239:200:3039:02317
Car 19 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane SS1 Post 17
265Ian Barclay / Sue Plater10:049:469:409:3539:05418
214Tom Stockdale/ Dean Stockdale10:289:459:319:2439:08419
274Stuart Ranby/ Ian Bass10:049:539:479:3639:20520
254Tim Baker/ Neil Hallworth10:169:589:369:3039:20621
553Steve Dolman/ Jon Shepherd10:229:459:399:4039:26122
283Nigel Greensall/ Graham Wild10:249:539:379:4539:39223
171Anthony Newton/ Suze Endean10:099:589:489:5239:47124
294Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths10:3710:019:409:3739:55725
242Marc Mayes/ Ben Duke10:239:579:489:4839:56426
344Nigel Brain/ Martin Corbett10:419:579:439:3739:58827
395Sam Gendy/ Samantha Bartlett10:3210:069:509:4240:10528
564Roger Taylor/ Paul Bevan10:249:589:489:380:3040:18929
Car 56 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane SS2 Post 18
513Andy Wright/ Nigel Powell10:3610:039:539:5740:29330
354Stuart Cameron / Gary Whittington 10:4310:049:519:5340:311031
363Ross Wey / Liam Carfrae 10:3210:0710:0410:0640:49432
602Adam Hanner / Wayne Wood 10:4910:089:579:5640:50533
472Richard Kay/ Ian McLean10:5010:0810:019:5340:52634
773Lee Ryan/ Paul Webster10:4710:1110:049:5640:58535
783Jonathan Haynes / Oliver Foster10:5310:0410:0110:0641:04636
313Nick Heard / Oliver Mathison 10:5910:159:599:5141:04737
583Kevan Wilson/ James Worth10:4910:2310:0510:0741:24838
723Chris Hedges/ Philip Russ11:0110:1610:1610:0141:34939
405Ian Jarvis/ Paul Train11:1210:2510:119:5541:43640
532Ian Dove/ John Dove10:4610:2210:1910:1741:44741
443Tom Naylor/ James Rudd10:5910:2810:2510:3542:271042
382Joe Piggott/ John Fellowes10:4910:0210:229:591:3042:42843
Car 38 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane SS1 Post 17
1:00 for Chicane SS4 Post 13+
762Stephen Johansen/ Harriet Worth11:2210:3910:2510:2342:49944
593Keith Anglesea/ Christine Pearson10:4910:5610:4110:4443:101145
683James Durkin / Phil 'pants' Sant11:0210:4210:4210:4443:101246
623Stephen Shephard / Jessica Shephard 10:4910:5810:4710:5243:261347
673Graham Phillpott/ Ian Jones11:3010:4210:4210:4143:351448
792Cameron Barclay/ Richard Farrell11:2411:0010:5510:4144:001049
654Bob Walker/ Corey Powell Jones11:5511:0610:4510:3744:231150
813Paul Yeomans/ Andrew Millington11:4011:0310:5110:5144:251551
802Martin Gibson/ Ellis Hadley11:4211:0510:5710:5144:351152
692John Day/ Christian Brown12:0111:0010:5711:0445:021253
493David Large/ David Ottoway11:5811:1511:0811:0345:241654
883Morgan Sparrow/ Roger Sparrow12:3311:2110:5210:4645:321755
701Toby Burton / Mark Burton12:0111:1611:1611:0845:41256
323Andrew Wishart/ Archie Wishart10:4210:1715:009:4645:451857
753Callum Cross/ Phil Reader12:0311:3711:1510:5745:521958
613Peter Taylor/ Charlotte Wainwright15:0010:2710:1810:1145:562059
871David Palmer-Smith/ James Palmer-Smith12:1411:4611:1511:0946:24360
462Stephen Hall/ Melissa Hall10:5710:2215:0010:1046:291361
852Geoff Harper/ Neil Murphy 12:3612:0311:4411:3848:011462
523Charlie Campbell/ Sam Weller13:0211:5511:4011:4948:262163
832Joe Harwood/ Liam Charlton11:3911:0515:0010:5048:341564
542Doug Ramsay/ Rhys Edwards12:0314:0711:1811:0648:341665
733Craig Bridges/ Simon Careswell12:1011:0715:0011:0049:172266
911Maz Miller/ Iain Davidson12:5012:1612:1312:0849:27467
892Jason Phillips / Zoe Phillips13:1812:4612:2312:2550:521768
713Massie Piggott/ Julian Monkley15:0030:0011:1815:001:11:182369
These Competitors have only reached SS 4 Finish
303Nick Taylor/ Charlotte Taylor10:2510:099:599:5640:292470

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
9.36 miles
Stage 2
9.36 miles
Stage 3
9.46 miles
Stage 4
9.46 miles

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