Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
12Class Pro 4Finlay Retson/ Paul Beaton5:304:370:450:4411:3611
1Class M7Jock Armstrong/ Hannah McKillop5:364:380:450:4411:4312
4Class Pro 4David Henderson/ Chris Lees5:334:410:450:4511:4423
6Class Pro 4Hugh Brunton/ Drew Sturrock5:384:400:460:4411:4834
2Class Pro 4Michael Binnie/ Claire Mole5:344:430:490:4711:5345
5Class Pro 4John Wink/ Will Atkins5:404:440:450:4411:5356
8Class Pro 4Bruce Mccombie / Michael Coutts5:444:380:480:4711:5767
11Class M7Mark McCulloch / Michael Hendry5:444:430:480:4512:0028
17Class Pro 4Iain Wilson/ Chris Williams5:464:490:480:4612:0979
10Class M7Scott Beattie/ Peredur Davies5:504:480:470:4412:09310
9Class M7Angus Lawrie/ Paul Gribben5:464:470:500:4812:11411
7Class Pro 4Stephen Petch / Michael Wilkinson 5:514:500:490:4712:17812
20Class Pro 2Peter Stewart/ Harry Marchbank6:035:040:510:4912:47113
32Class M4Dougal Brown/ Lewis Rochford6:055:060:520:5012:53114
16Class Pro 4John Rintoul/ Ross Hynd6:115:080:480:4712:54915
36Class M4Paddy Munro/ Dave O'Brien6:005:160:510:4912:56216
23Class M7Chris Collie/ Ricky Finlayson6:085:070:510:5012:56517
30Class C5Scott Mutch/ Greg McDonald6:155:050:500:4912:59118
22Class H1Stuart Egglestone/ Brian Hodgson6:075:130:520:5013:02119
15Class Pro 4Robert Adamson/ Sion Williams6:135:090:510:4913:021020
21Class C5John McIlwraith/ Heather Grisedale6:105:060:560:5113:03221
34Class M7Michael Renton/ John Shepheard6:125:140:530:4913:08622
40Class M2Robert Proudlock/ Steven Brown6:115:180:520:5013:11123
37Class M7Scott Peacock/ Craig Wallace6:155:160:510:4913:11724
18Class Pro 4William Paterson/ Tom Hynd6:245:060:520:5013:121125
25Class M5Keir Beaton/ Iain Thorburn6:205:130:510:5013:14126
47Class M5Brian Ross/ Mark Fisher6:205:130:511:0213:26227
26Class M7Barry Groundwater/ Ashleigh Will6:175:280:520:5113:28828
39Class C5Jordan Anderson/ Ian Macdougall6:215:220:550:5113:29329
28Class M7Kevin Crawford / Andrew Stevenson6:175:300:530:5113:31930
60Class C5Darren McDonald / Sarah McDonald6:255:270:520:4813:32431
57Class M4David Hardie/ John McCulloch 6:325:290:500:4813:39332
50Class C5Thomas Rapson/ Michael Sutherland 6:395:230:550:5213:49533
52Class M2Scott Sloan/ David Sloan6:275:330:560:5413:50234
38Class M2Des Campbell / Craig Forsyth6:325:370:520:5113:52335
41Class M6Martin Crombie/ David Law6:355:310:560:5313:55136
48Class M6Orrin McDonnell/ Clare Fraser 6:375:340:560:5314:00237
35Class M5Scott Murray/ Terry Mallin6:475:320:530:5014:02338
33Class Pro 4Stuart Irvine/ Marc Irvine6:375:420:530:5114:031239
66Class M4Alister MacArthur/ Chris Robertson6:495:330:510:5014:03440
65Class H2Donald Peacock/ Mairi Riddick6:465:340:550:5114:06141
49Class C3Allan McDowall/ Mark Casey6:435:380:550:5314:09142
63Class M6Fraser Smith/ Nikki Addison6:585:230:560:5214:09343
51Class M6Johnnie Mackay/ Ian Parker6:515:360:530:5014:10444
58Class H2Jim Robertson/ Graham Wild6:415:450:550:5314:14245
45Class M4Kenny Wood/ Gordon Chalmers6:565:330:540:5314:16546
24Class M4John Crawford/ Josh Davison6:096:360:510:4914:25647
76Class M2Tom Howie/ Michael Mackenzie 6:545:410:560:5414:25448
75Class M6Jimmy Jack/ Rachel Matheson7:015:390:530:5214:25549
59Class M4Sandy Arbuthnott / Ian Arbuthnott 6:545:520:520:5014:28750
61Class M6Jan Budge/ Bruce Lindsay6:416:010:550:5214:29651
56Class H2Grant Inglis/ Gavin Chisholm6:555:480:540:5314:30352
62Class M7Aileen Forrest/ John Forrest6:585:460:560:5214:321053
69Class Pro 2Richard Stewart/ Carin Tait-Logan6:585:570:540:5114:40254
78Class M2Martyn Erskine/ Kieran Hyslop6:595:560:550:5414:44555
108Class Pro 2Justin Gunning/ Michael Moates7:185:360:540:5714:45356
95Class M6Martin Burke / Owen Paterson 7:045:480:580:5814:48757
64Class H2Donald Brooker/ Tony Booth7:045:550:550:5414:48458
70Class C3Craig Smith/ Charles Mackenzie7:095:520:550:5314:49259
80Class M6Alan Wallace/ MARTIN FORREST7:185:490:530:5114:51860
83Class M4Graeme Morrison / Kyle Morrison 7:035:570:580:5614:54861
55Class C5Mike Grant / Grapes Kelman7:126:010:540:5315:00662
88Class M3Meghan Okane/ John Okane 7:235:490:550:5315:00163
90Class M3Andy MacDonald/ Glenn MacDonald 7:115:550:590:5715:02264
46Class M6Mike Moates / Gary McDonald 7:255:530:540:5315:05965
79Class C5Cameron Black/ Duncan Daun7:115:581:000:5915:08766
72Class H1David Mcleod/ Eamonn Boyle7:136:040:580:5415:09267
92Class C2Danny Sutherland / Grant Sutherland7:176:010:560:5515:09168
104Class C2Kevin Maguire/ Karen MacLeod7:115:551:011:0315:10269
73Class C5Neil Philip/ Ian Philip7:225:580:580:5615:14870
84Class M1Ryan Ingram/ Calum MacDougall7:196:090:560:5515:19171
87Class M4John Baillie/ Chris Wareham7:196:080:590:5615:22972
91Class C5Liam Richardson/ Darren Kennedy7:256:100:560:5515:26973
67Class H2Ernie Lee/ Patricia Lee7:276:020:590:5815:26574
74Class C3Peter Garrow/ Karen Gordon7:286:080:570:5515:28375
94Class M1Stephen Fraser/ Alan Grant7:186:140:580:5915:29276
82Class M7Ron Horne/ Steven Kerschat7:236:131:010:5615:331177
96Class C2Owen Macleod/ Callum Williams 7:386:070:580:5715:40378
102Class M2Cailean Mackenzie/ Callum Mackenzie7:256:101:041:0215:41679
85Class M6Steve McGregor/ Malcolm Vie7:296:141:020:5915:441080
101Class C3Campbell McColm / Donald McColm 7:386:160:580:5515:47481
81Class C3Robert Tonge / Sean Newlands7:356:220:560:5515:48582
77Class C3Colin Patterson/ Gary Clark7:356:190:580:5715:49683
71Class M4Rhuaridh Campbell/ Shaina Archibald7:406:330:550:5316:011084
100Class C2Terry Smith/ Kenny Foggo7:436:290:570:5816:07485
103Class C1Lochlan Mciver/ Cameron Morrison7:506:291:071:0316:29186
89Class M2Dave The Nova Mcintyre/ Cameron Dunn8:126:360:570:5616:41787
98Class C3Greg Grant/ Morgan Redpath12:005:410:590:5719:37788
31Class M5David Wilson/ Kerrie MacGillivray6:1815:000:520:5023:00489
107Class C5Brian Watson/ Sean Donnelly10:2215:000:590:5627:171090
These Competitors have only reached SS 4 Finish
106Class C1Mark Gordon/ Daniel Christie7:075:531:001:0915:09291

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.47 miles
Stage 2
4.80 miles
Stage 3
Cooper Park 1
0.60 miles
Stage 4
Cooper Park 2
0.60 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 22nd April 2023 at 19:05 BST and were signed by Neil Shanks (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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