Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
107Class C5Brian Watson/ Sean Donnelly10:2215:0025:221092
31Class M5David Wilson/ Kerrie MacGillivray6:1815:0021:18491
85Class M6Steve McGregor/ Malcolm Vie7:296:1413:431181
92Class C2Danny Sutherland / Grant Sutherland7:176:0113:18270
55Class C5Mike Grant / Grapes Kelman7:126:0113:13768
90Class M3Andy MacDonald/ Glenn MacDonald 7:115:5513:06163
104Class C2Kevin Maguire/ Karen MacLeod7:115:5513:06164
70Class C3Craig Smith/ Charles Mackenzie7:095:5213:01262
106Class C1Mark Gordon/ Daniel Christie7:075:5313:00161
78Class M2Martyn Erskine/ Kieran Hyslop6:595:5612:55558
108Class Pro 2Justin Gunning/ Michael Moates7:185:3612:54256
59Class M4Sandy Arbuthnott / Ian Arbuthnott 6:545:5212:46754
61Class M6Jan Budge/ Bruce Lindsay6:416:0112:42750
76Class M2Tom Howie/ Michael Mackenzie 6:545:4112:35448
45Class M4Kenny Wood/ Gordon Chalmers6:565:3312:29547
63Class M6Fraser Smith/ Nikki Addison6:585:2312:21443
57Class M4David Hardie/ John McCulloch 6:325:2912:01334
44Class M6Brett Mckenzie/ Barry Young 6:315:1611:47131
28Class M7Kevin Crawford / Andrew Stevenson6:175:3011:47930
39Class C5Jordan Anderson/ Ian Macdougall6:215:2211:43328
25Class M5Keir Beaton/ Iain Thorburn6:205:1311:33126
47Class M5Brian Ross/ Mark Fisher6:205:1311:33227
15Class Pro 4Robert Adamson/ Sion Williams6:135:0911:221021
30Class C5Scott Mutch/ Greg McDonald6:155:0511:20220
27Class M6Duncan Campbell/ Michael Cruickshank17:0015:00Bottom ball joint
14Class M7Scott Mccombie/ Murray Strachan7:1915:00Mechanical
99Class C2David MacLeod/ Calum Fraser7:105:5513:05593
86Class C5Niall Philips/ Curtis Fraser7:095:44Fuel
93Class C4Keith Seager/ Mark Runciman7:31 Blown Engine
105Class M6Damian Breckon / Angus Kennedy   Non-Starter
43Class M2Archie Swinscoe/ Jane Nicol  Non-Starter
19Class Pro 4John Morrison/ Sinclair Young  Non-Starter
97Class C3Edward Noble/ Liam Bremner  Non-Starter
29Class M6Ross Macdonald/ Matthew Johnstone  Non-Starter
53Class C5Graeme Sherry/ Ewan Lees  Non-Starter
54Class M7Steven James Fraser/ Stewart Hurst  Non-Starter
3Class Pro 4Freddie Milne/ Patrick Walsh  Non-Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.47 miles
Stage 2
4.80 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 22nd April 2023 at 19:05 BST and were signed by Neil Shanks (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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