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These Competitors have only reached SSF 22
1DRoss Le Noa / Christina Holley Ford Escort MK239:40.911
15CPaul Trebert/ Jason CarreFord Escort Mk240:55.112+1:14.2+1:14.2
4DDave Oliveira / Victor Nobrega Sign solutions Ford Escort mk241:27.523+1:46.6+0:32.4
9CNick Duquemin / Phil FerbracheFord Escort MK241:37.724+1:56.8+0:10.2
5FWD2Andy Corner / Adrian CampPeugeot 20541:57.215+2:16.3+0:19.5
8CMark Syvret/ Chris FoxFord Escort Mk142:09.236+2:28.3+0:12.0
10FWD2Chris Torode/ Nick SaundersPeugeot 205 Gti 16v42:14.027+2:33.1+0:04.8
18FWD2Karl Robert/ Luke Saunders Peugeot 205 gti43:30.838+3:49.9+1:16.8
14CGary Duquemin / Andrew Henry Ford Escort 43:31.549+3:50.6+0:00.7
22FWD2Jonathan Robilliard/ Gregory RobertPeugeot 206 GTI43:37.2410+3:56.3+0:05.7
21CRichard Le Marquand/ Trevor RabetFord Escort Mk144:43.3511+5:02.4+1:06.1
19APaul Vibert/ Michael BeausireFord Escort RS130044:44.0112+5:03.1+0:00.7
16DRichard Manning / Simon Bonny Ford Escort MK144:55.7313+5:14.8+0:11.7
25CTim Le Lacheur/ Pete SimsFord Escort RS45:01.7614+5:20.8+0:06.0
36CSamuel Galvin/ Joao VieiraMazda Mx546:12.8715+6:31.9+1:11.1
29BCharlie Norton/ Max BrochetCitroen Saxo VTR46:47.2116+7:06.3+0:34.4
17CKevin Rumens/ Marc Maubec Ford Escort46:50.2817+7:09.3+0:03.0
26EKeith Pinel/ Matt PinelSubaru Impreza47:37.0118+7:56.1+0:46.8
31BSteven knight / Alix page Peugeot 20648:25.8219+8:44.9+0:48.8
23ENeil Touzel/ Francis TouzelFord Escort Cosworth49:15.1220+9:34.2+0:49.3
34CJohn Le Cheminant/ Martyn VidamourFord Escort G350:18.8921+10:37.9+1:03.7
33BSam Simon / Dan GallichanPeugeot 205 GTI50:46.1322+11:05.2+0:27.3
35FWD2Philip Vedier/ Paul ferbrache Peugeot 206 gti51:00.3523+11:19.4+0:14.2
27DRichard Le Feuvre/ Nathan WardFord Escort Mk21:09:28.2424+29:47.3+18:27.9
28DMark Scott/ Elizabeth ScottBMW COMPACT1:14:09.4525+34:28.5+4:41.2
30FWD2Mark Galvin/ Nathan BeddoeRenault Clio RS 1971:14:28.5626+34:47.6+0:19.1

These results became Final on Saturday 25th February 2023 at 18:05 GMT and were signed by Ron Allen (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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