Car Cls CrewTotal
First Half
MC5 Route
Total Cls
Class E
31EIeuan Evans/ Richard Williams 11:3711:3713
53EGethin Dafis / Iwan Griffiths 13:0413:0426
36EHefin Jones/ Llinos Jones Davies13:0713:0737
47ENathan Summers / Jordan Dziadulewicz 13:3513:3549
28EIoan Lloyd/ Dylan Evans13:3913:39510
62ESteven Hicks/ Vicky Eccleston 13:5413:54612
43EHuw Howells/ Hefin Jenkins13:5813:58714
30EDewi Davies/ Marc Hughes14:0214:02815
35EMichael Roberts/ Natasha Roberts14:0314:03916
40EKevin Morgan/ David Richards14:1414:141017
34ERichard James/ Russel Williams14:4214:421118
46EAlyn Welsby/ Dan Parsons15:0215:021219
42ERhidian A Daniels/ Lee Taylor 15:1015:101320
54EGary Evans / Geraint Jones15:1315:131421
57EHywel Ellis Greves/ Mark Rodway 16:3516:351523
32EGareth Evans/ Aled Jones17:0717:071626
11EChris Hedley/ Carwyn Roberts 17:4317:431728
45EDelfryn Owens/ Jeff James18:5718:571831
70EGethin James/ Dafydd Owens19:0319:031932
64EJoanna Bond-James / Dean Wiltshire19:1419:142033
66EAndrew Davies/ Andrew Rees23:0423:042135
65EJamie Jones/ Craig Baker1F 25:301F 25:302241
68EDavid Edwards/ jamie Clifford-Jones2F 17:462F 17:462342
61ECarwyn Adams/ Lucas Adams3F 19:003F 19:002448
Class M
8MArwel Rhys Hughes Jones/ Dylan John Williams11:1111:1111
3MJohn Davies/ Eurig Davies11:2811:2822
7MIwan Jones/ Ryan Griffiths12:1612:1634
18MDarren Moon/ Andrew Lowe12:5012:5045
15MLlyr Williams/ Ceri Davies13:1313:1358
13MMark Lennox/ Ian Beamond13:4313:43611
25MOwain Rowlands/ Jamie MIlls13:5713:57713
6MGeorge Williams/ Cadog Davies17:4617:46829
20MWill Arrowsmith/ Shaun Richards18:1318:13930
Class S
71SJoshua Weston / Gethin Jones16:3316:33122
72SRichard James / Peter White 16:3716:37224
81SHedd Wilshaw / Aled James 17:0317:03325
84SLlyr Wyn Owens / Wyn Warren 17:1317:13427
80SJonathan Davies / Alun James19:2719:27534
76SDaniel Phillips/ Huw Phillips23:1123:11636
88SArthur Jones / Tudur Williams23:1123:11737
83SNeil Reed / Connah Urquhart 23:1923:19838
89SWyn Lewis/ Kyle Strahan26:0726:07939
78SBenjamin Saunders/ Mark Stainton1F 22:571F 22:571040
86SPaul Lote-Williams/ Callum Goldsmith2F 18:362F 18:361143
75SEmyr Davies/ Barry Davies2F 18:502F 18:501244
85SOwain Rees / Chris Davies 2F 20:222F 20:221345
79SKeith Robathan/ Dilwyn Llewellyn2F 20:412F 20:411446
90SAmy Owens / Sion Penfold 2F 34:072F 34:071547

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 23rd October 2022 at 07:05 BST and were signed by Dafydd-Sion Lloyd (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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