Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
701Dom Mernock/ John Quinlan10:347:079:4327:24139
391George Morrison/ Clive Allford10:337:2110:2128:15253
331Paddy Homan/ Tom Homan10:387:1610:4128:35359
801Max Crowther/ Josh Carr11:067:3210:2829:06467
751James Johns/ Paul Watkins12:048:0511:3331:42576
631Chris Lawrence/ Kevin Gould11:4417:0014:5343:37682
Class 2
272Ben Cree/ Robert Wiggins9:446:559:3826:17128
672Liam Clark/ Ben Wild9:547:119:3926:44235
662Roger Nevitt/ Edward Gamble10:547:1410:1028:18354
442Christopher Lawson/ Paul Gribben10:467:2710:2128:34458
772Chris Marlow/ Bernard Nolan12:058:1111:3531:51577
832Neil Commons/ Bob Draper12:258:5411:5133:10679
552Matthew Cotton/ Simon Taylor18:007:019:3934:40780
Class 3
93Ash Slights/ Dave Robson9:066:238:4324:12112
43Paul Thompson / Josh Davison 9:116:218:5324:25215
243John Gribbins/ Colin Blunt9:456:489:3326:06324
303Andy Gibson/ Jonathan Turnbull9:506:539:2826:11425
563Chris Hellings/ Glyn Thomas9:437:029:4026:25533
423John Hepworth/ Dave Boyes10:207:1210:0427:36643
353David Wallbank/ Mike Scrimgour10:247:0810:1827:50746
403Dave Arnold/ Nick Middleton10:167:2910:1828:03847
583Olly Lucking/ Sam Lucking10:407:2110:1228:13951
533Mike Stainthorpe / Martin Cockerill 10:407:3210:3728:491061
343Graham Haigh/ Kari Bates10:527:3510:2528:521163
593Paul Turton/ John Turton11:127:2610:1728:551264
413Richard Warne/ Chris Deal11:067:2910:2629:011366
153Allan Mcdowall / James Robson18:009:3010:1337:431481
173Tony Williams/ Richard Wise9:386:49 16:271589
Class 4
104Carl Tuer/ Robin Tuer9:486:569:3826:22130
434David Rawlings/ Philip Weston10:227:129:5427:28242
624Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock10:257:2210:0227:49345
604Peter Outram/ Mick Munday10:457:1310:1028:08448
574Darren Howard/ Steven Henty10:427:1210:1528:09550
384Ian Jemison/ Dean Kellett10:347:2210:3028:26656
284Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths10:517:3210:2828:51762
684Martin Peirson / Alan Ward11:227:3110:2829:21870
Class 5
1025Elliot Payne/ Tom Woodburn8:075:407:5221:3911
1065Alan Carmichael / Arthur Kierans8:265:518:1522:3222
1045Eddie Lewis/ Sion Cunniff8:165:598:2222:3733
1075Alistair Ginley/ Craig Thorley 8:266:008:1222:3844
1095Trevor Gamble/ Phil Kenny8:346:098:4023:2355
1115Phil Pickard / Simon Pickard 9:016:018:2223:2467
1135Dave Welch/ Andy Smith8:586:128:4123:51710
1125Gary Cooper / Jon Riley 9:046:138:3523:52811
1205Steve Pawson / Steve Mcnulty9:246:148:4124:19913
1085John Bannister/ Callum Atkinson8:486:099:3724:341016
1195Simon Green/ Andrew Thorpe9:206:229:0024:421117
1185Wug Utting/ Bob Stokoe9:256:359:0225:021218
1245Marcus Tomlinson / Jack Walsh9:586:489:2626:121326
1225Roger Kilty/ Lynette Banks9:376:469:5726:201429
1165Shaun Wilson/ Graham Willcock9:566:499:3726:221532
1275Aileen Forrest/ John Forrest10:066:599:4226:471636
1255Philip Megginson/ Paul Turner10:107:1310:1427:371744
1155Craig Renshaw/ Nick Taylor 11:047:2310:3329:001865
1145Steve Petch/ John Richardson9:096:408:5924:481984
1175Ian (Sid) Ring/ Paul vasey9:476:439:1525:452086
Class H1
29H1Robin Shuttleworth/ Malcolm Smithson10:117:0810:0127:20138
52H1David Mcleod/ Eamonn Boyle10:357:2310:2728:25255
82H1Bob Bean/ Mike Curry11:287:3010:3629:34371
71H1Terry Cree/ Richard Shores11:069:2011:0231:28474
Class H2
2H2Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis8:466:088:3023:2416
1H2Steve Bannister/ Dave Oldfield8:416:188:3423:3328
6H2Richard Jordan/ Matt Edwards 8:496:138:4223:4439
5H2David Brown/ Hannah Mckillop9:106:258:5024:25414
8H2Ken Sturdy/ Tom Hutchings9:216:339:2225:16519
31H2Ben Jemison/ James Dixon9:376:499:3325:59620
19H2Dave Lewis/ Harry Stubbs9:326:459:4526:02721
25H2Michael Reed/ John Millington9:376:509:3526:02822
11H2Simon Tysoe/ Paul Morris9:466:439:3326:02923
37H2Tony Shields/ Graham Wild9:516:489:3726:161027
23H2James Potter/ Bob Duck9:536:479:4226:221131
26H2Dave Watkins/ Dave Shepherd10:046:499:4926:421234
51H2Dave Forrest/ Jamie Forrest9:477:119:5026:481337
64H2Christopher Ingram/ Paul Turner10:417:019:4227:241440
16H2Nick Kitching/ Andrew Trollope10:157:0310:0727:251541
46H2Alan Carfrae/ Liam Carfrae10:337:1910:1728:091649
72H2Ray Barnes/ Urszula (Ula) Budzynska10:487:1210:1428:141752
21H2Ian Holt/ Steve Pugh9:557:0011:3228:271857
45H2Ian Hildreth/ Sarah Wetton10:357:3210:3028:371960
50H2phillip lilley/ John Ellwood11:337:3610:0729:162068
54H2Keith Stones/ David Jackson10:517:4410:4229:172169
65H2Charlie Blaney/ Adrian Wilford11:357:3510:4129:512272
69H2Steve Oade/ Joe Oade11:457:5511:2631:062373
22H2Anthony Hanson/ Brad Sowerby9:5412:009:4731:412475
76H2Kris Hopkins/ Colin Watson12:458:1211:4232:392578
32H2Scott Renshaw/ Terry Wilson10:087:1532:0049:232683
14H2Alan Walker/ Emma Clarke9:106:339:1424:572785
18H2Dave Lucking/ Amelia Lucking9:286:4517:0033:132887
7H2Chris Skill/ Brian Hodgson9:136:2717:009:0041:402988
Car 7 Penalty details:- 9:00 for 9:00 early at TC 3A

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Langdale 1
8.50 miles
Stage 2
Gale Rigg 1
5.65 miles
Stage 3
Cropton 1
8.09 miles

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