Car Cls Crew12345678910 Penalty Total Cls
Class A
75AAndrew Torbet/ Paul Topping14:0313:4015:0013:3030:009:198:599:498:31 Retired
66ACraig King/ Clare Jennings11:5911:2212:0613:568:318:248:598:537:56 Retired
35ABarry Pavey/ Paul Rumary11:4611:1211:2611:56      Broke Axle
56AStuart Baker/ Jeremy Baker11:1010:52        Retired
12AStephen Pritchard/ Jemma Taylor10:5510:39        Rear Axle Broken
51AShane Gamble/ Bob Ward11:16         Head Gasket
36AMatt Walk/ Adrian Walk          Driveshaft
63AAdrian Mayall/ Robert Hayden          Non Starter
Class B
78BMat Wheeler/ Stu Jones10:4310:0910:5210:317:347:227:49   Retired
57BTim Taylor/ Mark Ammonds12:0111:2212:0111:588:238:13    Retired
27BBen Grenter/ Kelan Watkins 10:5610:1910:4710:4013:00     Retired
47BPaul Boenigk/ Peter Boenigk11:19         Engine Probs
49BEdward Gamble/ Matthew Davis          Retired
67BLacey Brown/ Sophie Landen           Mechanical
38BLucy Wigley/ Emma Cooper          Non Starter
Class C
26CMatt Turner/ Tom Bishop10:5910:3311:0210:407:357:207:537:466:47 Gearbox
25CJames Davies/ Fiona Crump10:5310:0910:4310:327:3613:00    Wrong Split taken
37COliver Keates/ Gavin James Bull11:1710:4311:2711:127:567:49    Gearbox
23CDavid Turner/ James Turner11:2910:4811:2211:248:23     Retired
9CDean Davies/ Cameron Wheatley15:0015:0011:03       Losing Bonnet
11CMalcolm 'Tar' Jones/ Rhys Jones10:4910:0915:00       Brake Caliper Failure
68CIan Warry-Thomas/ Elaine Perry12:5315:00        Mechanical
55CHoward Staves/ Grant Williams11:3915:00        Retired
60CSimon Millington/ Sam Kelter11:3010:48        Retired
8CPeter Hedges / James Hedges 10:4910:15        Electrical
53CKevin Butler / Joseph Graham 11:40         Crash
30CPhilip Ball/ Martin Stembridge11:39         Off & oil leak
32CAdrian Griffiths / Karolina Kunigiskyte          Broken Shaft
22CTim Cains/ Seth Cains          Non Starter
Class D
71DAndrew Norris/ Hollie Leigh Norris 15:0030:0012:557:547:33Retired
2DThomas Stef DR Davies/ Daniel Petrie11:0610:12        Bent Rear Axle
16DGethin Williams/ Thomas Williams          Retired
Class E
1EHarry Gardner / Elliot Graham 10:269:3410:329:516:546:52    Noise Complaints
76EPaul Davy/ Andrew Wooldridge10:5410:23        Retired
5EGareth Hurford-Jones/ Richard Goring11:17         Oil Pump Failure
4EAndrew Graham/ Peter Brennan10:38         Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
8.20 miles
Stage 2
8.20 miles
Stage 3
8.35 miles
Stage 4
8.35 miles
Stage 5
6.45 miles
Stage 6
6.45 miles
Stage 7
6.73 miles
Stage 8
6.73 miles
Stage 9
6.26 miles
Stage 10
6.26 miles

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