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Kall Kwik Rally 2000 (National A)

Awards List to Time Card 6

                        1st Overall   7 CHRIS MELLORS
                                        CRAIG THORLEY

                        2nd Overall   1 STEVE PETCH
                                        JOHN RICHARDSON

                        3rd Overall  13 JONNY MILNER
                                        NICKY BEECH

                       1st Class N3  89 JAMES MIDDLEBROOK
                                        RAY CLEGHORN

                       1st Class N4  35 ALISTAIR GINLEY
                                        GREG HAYNES

                       2nd Class N4  29 DAVID BROWN
                                        PAUL HUDSON

                       3rd Class N4  21 NATALIE BARRATT
                                        PAUL MORRIS

                       1st Class A6  39 JEREMY NOLAN
                                        PAUL NOLAN

                       1st Class A7  77 KEN STURDY
                                        MIKE REED

                       1st Class A8  15 ANTHONY EATON
                                        PETER HARTLAND

                       1st Class B9  57 MARK SIMPSON
                                        PAUL VASEY

                      1st Class B10  83 COLIN GENT
                                        GRAHAM GENT

                      1st Class B11  69 MARTYN HAWKSWELL
                                        NICK WELCH

                      1st Class B12   5 WARREN PHILLISKIRK
                                        EURIG EVANS

          Highest Placed Mixed Crew  17 JON AUSOBSKY
                                        ANNE WATSON

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