Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
21WMax McRae/ Cameron Fair7:43.37:00.06:05.0 20:48.340120
25WAlan Carmichael / Claire Williams 8:36.24:19.06:05.0 19:00.238118
27DDavid Bogie/ John Rowan8:26.44:28.36:05.0 18:59.720117
113CMike Riley/ Phil Gough7:48.64:53.96:05.0 18:47.51197
115AAndrew Benson/ Mark Davenport7:48.64:53.96:05.0 18:47.5899
120HRob Graham/ Helen Harkness7:48.64:53.96:05.0 18:47.53104
71BArchie Swinscoe/ Jane Nicol7:48.64:53.96:05.0 18:47.5158
124CTony Walker/ Lorraine Nixon7:48.64:53.96:05.0 18:47.515107
78ANicky Cowperthwaite/ Helen Hall7:48.64:53.96:05.0 18:47.5365
132BDaniel Poole/ Rob Bryn "Chicken" Jones7:48.64:53.96:05.0 18:47.511114
91AKev Dunn/ James Braithwaite 7:48.64:53.96:05.0 18:47.5576
69EStephen Cotton/ Mick Birchall7:48.64:49.76:05.0 18:43.3855
66CMatt Turner/ Fiona Crump7:48.64:43.46:05.0 18:37.0153
36WDavid White/ Mathew White7:48.64:29.06:05.0 18:22.62940
53WChris Ford/ Neil Colman7:48.64:24.46:05.0 18:18.02329
22WJohn Stone/ Laura Marshall7:48.64:19.76:05.0 18:13.31923
38DChris West/ Keith Hounslow7:48.64:18.56:05.0 18:12.1222
3WOsian Pryce / Rhodri Evans7:08.03:56.35:42.5 16:46.822
54DMark Borthwick/ Harrison Malin7:48.64:33.6  Driver Fed Up
41WJohn Rintoul/ Ross Hynd7:48.64:32.2  12:20.841121
12WDavid Wright/ Paula Swinscoe7:43.3   Retired
68DPeter Jackson/ Sam Spencer7:48.6   Retired
134ABruce Lindsay/ Ella Tyson7:48.6   Fed Up
30WJonathan Mounsey/ Richard Wardle    Water Leak
13WKevin Davies/ Owain Davies    42122
15WJames Ford/ Neil Shanks    Clipped tree and broke steering
122CDave Mclachlan / Adam Mclachlan    Retired
48WRob Tout/ Terry Martin    Non Starter
131WJohn Forrest/ Ashleigh Will    Non Starter
51WMike English/ Graham Wild    Non Starter
86BLouis Baines/ Kris Coombes    Non Starter
52WDavid Longfellow/ Mark Broadbent    Non Starter
28WKyle White/ Sean Topping    No Brakes

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Beacon Fell 1
7.21 miles
Stage 2
Long Knots 1
4.37 miles
Stage 3
Crossgill 1
6.31 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 23rd March 2024 at 19:55 GMT and were signed by Gerry Morriss (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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