Car Cls Crew123456789 Penalty Total Cls
15James Ford/ Pete Rigby8:198:207:367:086:276:105:185:14 Retired
25Simon Bowen/ Craig Simkiss9:0730:007:477:316:336:316:225:247:531:27:08617
35John Cope/ Simon Hunter8:528:347:457:286:416:315:315:218:211:05:0422
45Darrell Taylor/ Dylan Thomas8:538:327:357:326:406:245:345:458:121:05:0733
55Martin Farrar / Andy Ward9:209:367:517:356:516:355:365:288:071:06:5944
65Julian Hope / Callum Young8:548:22       Driver ill
74Mark Jasper/ Don Whyatt         Non Starter
85Mike English/ Andy Robinson 8:508:378:117:276:356:315:325:247:561:05:0311
95Billy Grew/ Tom Bishop 9:03        Rear diff
105Adrian Marrocco/ Terry Martin9:349:168:007:426:496:45   Broken shaft
112Danny Poole/ James Swallow9:2813:0030:007:587:066:576:015:518:291:34:50620
122Lyndon Barton / Dave France 9:349:208:078:007:127:115:595:578:441:10:0417
133Kevin Franks/ Craig Walley9:499:3112:0030:007:187:186:016:008:531:36:50421
14David Gratrix / Iain Reece 9:319:048:278:087:327:31   Wheel arm bent
155Nick Stamper/ Glenn Mercer9:138:547:597:516:486:455:385:378:221:07:0755
16Jon Trenholme / Alison Trenholme          Non-Starter
172John Deegan/ Pauline merrills 9:499:1811:428:158:177:146:045:5511:001:17:34315
185Andy Darlington/ Josh Jones9:5813:008:548:287:177:035:576:22 Mechanical
195Dave Orritt/ Dave Tortoishell9:4713:008:198:027:133:57   Incident with another car
202Lewis Hooper/ Gareth Hooper9:239:008:128:026:576:505:539:008:5115:001:27:08418
Car 20 Penalty details:- 15:00 for MIssed control ATC9
213Craig Bowler/ Chris Whittall9:409:048:067:466:526:405:425:418:201:07:5116
222Dan Sedgwick/ Sam Ambler 13:0030:008:258:137:127:076:026:038:331:34:35519
231Bruce Lindsay/ ANT AYTON9:4813:008:258:107:027:026:055:568:231:13:5119
24Geoff Simpson / tba          Non-Starter
251Barri Wilmot / Reece Brookes10:0010:278:548:307:367:236:106:099:091:14:18211
26Adam Huggon / James Wood          Non Starter
273Jamie Mcbain/ Harry Walshaw10:06        Gearbox
285Darren Wilson/ Jamie Wilson13:0030:009:018:249:309:308:428:348:392:001:47:20723
Car 28 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at ATC 8
293Sean flint/ Paul flint10:1010:069:228:447:387:296:306:21 Retired
302Andrew Potts/ Rob Ashe         Non Starter
313James Durkin/ Alan Edwards 12:419:188:248:217:147:055:565:528:311:13:2228
321Stephen Bethwaite/ Ann Dixon 10:049:438:368:277:297:196:116:0111:001:14:50312
331Darren Roberts/ Dale Gabbert10:3810:139:088:557:397:246:246:219:111:15:53413
342Mr Jeffrey Simm/ Mr Matthew Daniels10:349:538:458:427:537:356:326:379:391:16:10214
353Dom Mctear / Jason Mctear 9:499:298:458:397:417:346:416:229:111:14:11310
363Nick Stafford/ Lauren Groves         Steering & driver knackered
372MR M A BOOTH/ Ashley Kennell10:219:559:019:047:43    Electrical fault
382Joe Merrills/ Phil Merrills10:0413:00       Mechanical
391Gareth Williams/ Jack Williams10:2610:119:248:599:308:116:356:259:161:18:57516
405Steven Farman/ Jonathan cragg10:3813:009:038:457:49    Retired
411Hazel Johnson/ Steven Butler10:4310:25       Off in bushes
423Martin Quilliam / Adam Thompson 10:109:4812:0030:009:307:276:153:539:541:38:57522
432Florence Butler/ Paul Stringer 12:47        Water splash

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.50 miles
Stage 2
6.50 miles
Stage 3
5.80 miles
Stage 4
5.80 miles
Stage 5
4.75 miles
Stage 6
4.75 miles
Stage 7
4.40 miles
Stage 8
4.40 miles
Stage 9
5.50 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 18th February 2024 at 16:55 GMT and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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