Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
Class G
84GRiley Chester/ Victoria Swallow11:3111:1912:2712:2212:1512:231:12:1711
82GMcKenzie Snowden/ Jonathan Turnbull11:4011:3612:3612:3112:0612:141:12:4322
81GCharlie Mathewson/ Ian Bass11:4311:3512:3512:1812:1612:171:12:4433
86GGeorge Fenner-Leitao/ Izzie Holman11:3311:3312:3212:3012:1612:241:12:4844
83GJosh Slaughter/ Andy Walshaw12:0011:3612:5312:2112:1512:441:13:4955
92GHenri Cynwyl/ Mark Williams12:2911:5813:0312:3812:3513:241:16:0766
88GIago Llwyd Edwards/ Caron Tomlinson12:2712:1613:2913:1112:5413:211:17:3877
89GWilliam Thomson/ Alan Edwards12:1812:1113:1713:3713:1213:301:18:0588
87GThomas Marriott/ Rob Brook12:3312:1713:3813:2113:0913:141:18:1299
90GKyle Green/ Tommi Henderson12:5115:0013:2813:1813:0413:351:21:161010
93GJalilia Mohammed/ Michael Gilbey13:0912:5014:2514:0814:0814:281:23:081111
91GDaniel Biccard/ Alex Mill13:4113:0414:0913:5913:3914:265:001:27:581212
Car 91 Penalty details:- 5:00 for 5m Penalty Stage 2 Location 20 Hitting Chicane

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.50 miles
Stage 2
7.50 miles
Stage 3
9.40 miles
Stage 4
9.40 miles
Stage 5
9.30 miles
Stage 6
9.30 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 10th February 2024 at 18:48 GMT and were signed by Clive Grounds (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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