Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
Class C3
20C3Josh Carr/ osian owen 6:4410:118:0024:55113
42C3Mark Boulton/ Graham Wild6:4810:338:1425:35220
41C3Terry Cree/ Richard Shores7:0010:338:1525:48322
Class C4 & C5
25C4 & C5Jeremy Easson/ Mike Reynolds6:4310:258:2325:31119
21C4 & C5Tim Pearcey/ Steve Pugh7:0610:328:2726:05226
32C4 & C5David Gathercole/ Jane Edgington7:0214:208:3930:01334
Class Cat 2 C1 & C2
47Cat 2 C1 & C2Matt Bown / Tom Murphy 7:0410:498:4626:39128
Class Cat H Class H2
39Cat H Class H2Steve Magson/ Steve Bielby6:4210:188:1625:16115
38Cat H Class H2Andrew Smith/ Georgina Smith7:2110:508:2826:39229
43Cat H Class H2Ian Hildreth/ Sarah Wetton7:1311:088:5027:11330
26Cat H Class H2David Goose / Paul Turner7:2911:128:3727:18432
36Cat H Class H2Dave Lucking/ Amelia Lucking6:3218:008:2232:54538
Class D3
30D3Mike Reed/ John Millington6:5510:308:1325:38121
29D3shaun bolt/ Shaun Layland7:0610:408:2526:11227
46D3Carl Stuttard/ Harry Walshaw7:1111:138:5427:18331
Class D4
23D4Ben Jemison/ Dave Jackson6:2810:108:0424:42111
48D4Bill Douglas/ Dave Tearl8:3213:1310:2132:06237
Class D5
4D5Matthew Robinson / Sam Collis 6:169:207:3223:0812
10D5Adrian Hetherington/ Ronan O'Neill6:229:237:3223:1723
6D5Ben friend/ Cliff simmons6:199:327:3223:2334
18D5Owen McMackin/ Paul Mc Cann6:319:437:4123:5546
16D5Paul Thompson / Josh Davison 6:339:407:4223:5557
9D5Barry McKenna/ Andrew Hayes6:1710:067:3523:5868
7D5RICHARD HILL/ Patrick Cooper6:259:457:4923:5979
33D5Nick Kitching / Sion Cunniff6:4510:027:5224:39810
24D5Gareth Bevan/ Dafydd Evans6:4010:068:0424:50912
37D5Tony Thompson/ Matthew Thompson7:0010:007:5724:571014
12D5David Brown / Richard Wardle6:4310:408:0225:251117
31D5Andrew Robinson/ Kev Wilson6:4910:318:1025:301218
28D5Philip Squires/ Mick Squires6:5810:308:2625:541323
27D5 Derek Belbin / James Burns 6:5610:398:2325:581424
22D5Leigh Armstrong/ Ken Bowman11:009:547:5728:511533
11D5Daniel Mennell/ Richard Wise6:0416:447:2930:171635
17D5Michael McDaid/ Declan Casey6:209:457:4523:501739
Class F3
1F3George Lepley/ Dale Bowen 6:109:187:2022:4811
3F3Baz Jordan/ Arwel Jenkins7:0910:288:2326:00225
2F3Kevin Procter / Jamie Edwards6:3010:148:0824:52340
Class G2
5G2Nick Elliott/ Dave Price6:129:407:3623:2815
8G2Chris Ingram/ Michael Gilbey6:4210:308:1325:25216
44G2Steve Korky Ward / Phil Sandham6:4810:2514:0031:13336

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Wass Moor 1
5.46 miles
Stage 2
Cropton 1
9.00 miles
Stage 3
Gale Rigg 1
6.86 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 11th February 2024 at 17:40 GMT and were signed by Alan Hill (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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