Car Cls CrewTotal
Card 1
Total Cls
Class E
16EJohn Gornall/ Martin Gornall1:151:1513
15EKris Coombes/ Louis Baines1:251:2525
17EPeter Wilkinson/ Corey Powell-jones3:103:10317
14EAli Procter/ Lynsey Procter3:123:12418
20EDavid Wainwright/ Yvonne Wainwright3:483:48521
19EAndrew Ritchie/ Terry Martin7:577:57630
22EChris Leach/ Simon Thompson9:529:52735
18EDominic McTear/ Ian Graham5:27 5:27841
Class M
2MDaniel Sedgwick/ Gary Evans0:200:2011
12MAdrian Green/ Ian Gibbins0:540:5422
1MChris Farrell/ Rob Bryn "Chicken" Jones1:341:3436
5MDanny Cowell/ Paul Holmberg1:471:4747
6MRichard Thompson/ Niall Frost1:481:4858
10MSimon Cottrell/ Niel Galeandro 2:232:23610
11MMark Johnson/ Steven Butler2:272:27711
4MMatthew Jones / Richard Morris2:452:45813
13MPete James Tyson/ Neil Harrison3:103:10916
38MHazel Johnson/ Jason Crook3:373:371019
8MTony Harrison/ Andrew Graham4:474:471124
Class N
35NMatthew Harwood/ Pete Eckersley2:012:0119
37NGareth Williams/ Jack Williams 2:552:55215
45NHOWARD CHOPPING/ Matthew Chapman4:244:24323
40NAllan Norton/ Paul Williamson5:525:52425
42NSamantha Ralph/ Rachael Wilson7:007:00528
44NPeter Sharples/ James Sharples8:308:30631
39NMichael Wyn Thomas/ Liam Mathonwy Jones9:359:35733
43NBrian Miller/ Ethan Kidd10:3110:31836
41NJoe Gornall/ Michael Gornall18:3118:31937
36NElfyn Ellis Evans / Sion Jones1F 13:001F 13:001039
46NSimon Jarvis / Stephen harrison10F 1:26:001F 11F 1:26:001140
Class S
26SChris Way/ Dylan Griffiths1:231:2314
24SRyan Tubman/ David Tubman2:292:29212
25STom Grice / Jamie Edwards 2:492:49314
29SPete Jagger/ Andrew Millington3:393:39420
28SJames Durkin/ Peter Scott4:064:06522
23SBen Mitton / Sam Mitton6:486:48626
33SGeoff Bateman/ Barry John Allman6:596:59727
27SConnor Stephenson/ Adam Taylor7:567:56829
31SIan Swallow / James Swallow8:438:43932
30SJason Metcalfe/ Joe Mallinson9:409:401034
32SCharles Andrews/ David Noblet7:561F 1F 7:561138

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 24th September 2023 at 07:33 BST and were signed by Adam Griffin - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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Well done to Adam & Gareth on there first event pulling together a new team.