Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
1Class M7Jock Armstrong/ Hannah McKillop5:284:1110:415:2725:4711
8Class M7Mark McCulloch / Michael Hendry5:324:0810:405:2725:4722
2Class Pro4David Henderson/ Chris Lees5:284:1010:455:2625:4913
6Class Pro4John Wink/ Neil Shanks5:284:0810:485:2625:5024
4Class Pro4Finlay Retson/ Paul Beaton5:284:1210:455:2825:5335
3Class Pro4Elliot Payne/ Tom Woodburn5:394:1410:565:3326:2246
16Class Pro4Bruce McCombie/ Michael Coutts5:424:1811:025:3526:3757
9Class Pro4Stephen Petch / Michael Wilkinson 5:394:1511:075:3826:3968
10Class Pro4Hugh Brunton/ Drew Sturrock5:344:1811:145:3426:4079
14Class Pro4Scott Beattie/ Peredur Davies5:434:1711:105:3626:46810
11Class Pro4Iain Wilson/ Chris Williams5:434:1811:055:4126:47911
23Class M7Ian Joel/ Graeme Wood5:444:2211:135:4727:06312
12Class M7Angus Lawrie/ Paul Gribben6:004:2011:135:4427:17413
15Class Pro4William Paterson/ Tom Hynd5:464:2311:215:5927:291014
20Class Pro4Robert Adamson / Richard Wardle5:594:3411:405:5728:101115
30Class H1Stuart Egglestone/ Brian Hodgson6:054:3211:376:0328:17116
29Class M7Scott Peacock/ Craig Wallace6:054:3211:465:5628:19517
24Class H2Matthew Robinson / Sam Collis 6:014:3311:446:0228:20118
25Class Pro2Peter Stewart/ Harry Marchbank6:034:3511:406:0228:20119
28Class M6Duncan Campbell/ Michael Cruickshank5:594:3011:595:5928:27120
35Class M2Robert Proudlock/ Steven Brown6:024:3311:496:0428:28121
18Class M6Ian Baumgart/ Dave Robson6:034:3511:506:0228:30222
17Class Pro4Chris Collie/ Ricky Finlayson5:594:3411:576:0328:331223
34Class M4Paddy Munro/ Dave O'Brien6:064:3511:446:0828:33124
31Class M4Dougal Brown/ Lewis Rochford6:074:3711:526:0528:41225
27Class Pro4John Rintoul/ Ross Hynd6:034:3712:016:0328:441326
40Class M6Johnnie Mackay/ Rachel Matheson6:024:3712:206:0129:00327
21Class M7Donnie Macdonald/ Andrew Falconer6:184:5011:526:0029:00628
22Class H2Steve Bannister / Callum Atkinson6:074:4212:066:1129:06229
33Class Pro4John Morrison/ Sinclair Young6:104:4412:056:0729:061430
32Class M7Barry Groundwater/ Sean Donnelly6:084:3912:016:3829:26731
39Class C5Jordan Anderson/ Harry Stubbs6:254:4312:146:1229:34132
63Class M6Gordon Grant/ Keir Beaton 6:354:4812:086:1229:43433
42Class M6Brett Mckenzie/ Barry Young 6:324:5112:146:1029:47534
49Class M4David Hardie/ John McCulloch 6:194:4712:256:2029:51335
43Class M6Simon Hay/ Calum Jaffray6:284:5612:196:1229:55636
52Class H2Donald Peacock/ Mairi Riddick6:204:4812:206:2829:56337
47Class M4James Brims/ Iain Macdonald6:224:4712:286:2430:01438
54Class M6Mike Moates / Gary McDonald 6:194:5512:366:1730:07739
46Class M5Brian Ross/ Nikki Addison 6:234:4912:416:1730:10140
58Class M7Scott Mccombie/ Murray Strachan6:324:5812:276:1430:11841
45Class C5Thomas Rapson/ Michael Sutherland 6:364:5212:266:1930:13242
51Class H2James Robertson/ Mike Curry6:284:5012:366:2430:18443
53Class H1Keith Robathan/ David Law6:385:0012:536:2931:00244
61Class M7Aileen Forrest/ John Forrest6:354:5813:096:2531:07945
62Class M3Meghan O'kane/ John O'kane 6:294:5213:146:3931:14146
64Class H1David Mcleod/ Eamonn Boyle6:465:1313:076:3931:45347
55Class Pro2Richard Stewart/ Carin Tait-Logan6:415:0913:106:5031:50248
69Class C5Liam Richardson/ Darren Kennedy6:415:0913:316:3831:59349
82Class Pro2Linzi Henderson/ Mrs Sue Hynd6:595:1413:146:4732:14350
65Class H2Donald Brooker/ Tony Booth6:495:1213:276:4832:16551
68Class M4Graeme Morrison / Kyle Morrison7:005:1313:256:3832:16552
72Class H1Hugo MacMillan/ Arthur MacMillan6:385:1013:457:0232:35453
56Class C3Craig Smith/ Charles Mackenzie6:535:2413:226:5632:35154
77Class C2Owen Macleod/ Ryan Urquhart6:565:1813:366:4632:36155
79Class C5Andrew Grant / Ruaraidh Stubbs7:005:1413:336:4932:36456
70Class C3Colin Patterson/ Gary Clark6:595:1313:316:5532:38257
74Class C3John Brownie/ Gordon Ritchie6:585:2213:376:5832:55358
67Class C2Danny Sutherland / Grant Sutherland7:185:1913:236:5532:55259
86Class M2Dave the Nova McIntyre/ Shona Hale7:035:2013:427:0933:14260
76Class C5Neil Philip/ Ian Philip7:125:2314:077:0533:47561
83Class C2Terry Smith/ Kenny Foggo7:255:3814:067:3034:39362
85Class C3Edward Noble/ Erin Wood7:315:3014:367:0734:44463
88Class C1Mark Gordon/ Ben Mcintosh Balgowan 7:486:0014:197:2635:33164
87Class C3Thomas Bell/ Jordan Hayes 7:526:0215:067:4736:47565
89Class M1Fraser Mackay/ Lewis Mackay10:126:3916:368:1941:46166
These Competitors have only reached SS 4 Finish
5Class Pro4Michael Binnie/ Emily Easton-Page5:264:0710:375:2725:371567
80Class M6Alan Wallace/ Martin Forrest6:545:2114:046:5333:12868
36Class M5David Wilson/ Kerrie MacGillivray 6:054:3622:007:1039:51269

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Finglenny 1
5.50 miles
Stage 2
Hurlie Bog
4.35 miles
Stage 3
Drumtochty North 1
10.55 miles
Stage 4
Finglenny 2
5.50 miles

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