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2Class Pro4David Henderson/ Chris LeesFord Fiesta Rally242:5211
8Class M7Mark McCulloch / Michael HendryProton Satria Evo42:5512+0:03+0:03
1Class M7Jock Armstrong/ Hannah McKillopSubaru Impreza42:5723+0:05+0:02
4Class Pro4Finlay Retson/ Paul BeatonFord Fiesta Rally242:5924+0:07+0:02
6Class Pro4John Wink/ Neil ShanksHyundai i20 R543:0135+0:09+0:02
3Class Pro4Elliot Payne/ Tom WoodburnFord Fiesta Rally244:0046+1:08+0:59
9Class Pro4Stephen Petch / Michael Wilkinson Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo 44:1957+1:27+0:19
16Class Pro4Bruce McCombie/ Michael CouttsFord Fiesta44:2568+1:33+0:06
10Class Pro4Hugh Brunton/ Drew SturrockSkoda Fabia Rally2 Evo44:2779+1:35+0:02
14Class Pro4Scott Beattie/ Peredur DaviesFord Fiesta R544:31810+1:39+0:04
11Class Pro4Iain Wilson/ Chris WilliamsFord Fiesta Rally244:41911+1:49+0:10
12Class M7Angus Lawrie/ Paul GribbenMitsubishi Evo 945:28312+2:36+0:47
23Class M7Ian Joel/ Graeme WoodFord Escort Cosworth45:30413+2:38+0:02
15Class Pro4William Paterson/ Tom HyndSkoda R545:431014+2:51+0:13
30Class H1Stuart Egglestone/ Brian HodgsonFord Escort MK1146:58115+4:06+1:15
20Class Pro4Robert Adamson / Richard WardleFord Fiesta Rally247:071116+4:15+0:09
25Class Pro2Peter Stewart/ Harry MarchbankPeugeot 208 Rally447:11117+4:19+0:04
29Class M7Scott Peacock/ Craig WallaceMitsubishi Evo 847:12518+4:20+0:01
24Class H2Matthew Robinson / Sam Collis Ford Escort RS47:15119+4:23+0:03
18Class M6Ian Baumgart/ Dave RobsonSubaru Impreza47:27120+4:35+0:12
35Class M2Robert Proudlock/ Steven BrownOpel Adam47:28121+4:36+0:01
28Class M6Duncan Campbell/ Michael CruickshankSubaru Impreza47:29222+4:37+0:01
34Class M4Paddy Munro/ Dave O'BrienFord Escort47:45123+4:53+0:16
27Class Pro4John Rintoul/ Ross HyndFord Fiesta R547:521224+5:00+0:07
17Class Pro4Chris Collie/ Ricky FinlaysonFord Fiesta47:551325+5:03+0:03
21Class M7Donnie Macdonald/ Andrew FalconerMitsubishi Evo 847:58626+5:06+0:03
40Class M6Johnnie Mackay/ Rachel MathesonMitsubishi EVO VII48:07327+5:15+0:09
31Class M4Dougal Brown/ Lewis RochfordFord Escort MK248:26228+5:34+0:19
22Class H2Steve Bannister / Callum AtkinsonFord Escort MK248:44229+5:52+0:18
33Class Pro4John Morrison/ Sinclair YoungFord Fiesta R549:011430+6:09+0:17
32Class M7Barry Groundwater/ Sean DonnellyVW Polo S200049:15731+6:23+0:14
63Class M6Gordon Grant/ Keir Beaton Subaru Impreza 49:23432+6:31+0:08
39Class C5Jordan Anderson/ Harry StubbsSubaru Impreza49:43133+6:51+0:20
42Class M6Brett Mckenzie/ Barry Young Mitsubishi Evo 849:49534+6:57+0:06
49Class M4David Hardie/ John McCulloch Ford Escort Mk249:50335+6:58+0:01
43Class M6Simon Hay/ Calum JaffrayMitsubishi Evo650:00636+7:08+0:10
52Class H2Donald Peacock/ Mairi RiddickFord Escort MK250:06337+7:14+0:06
54Class M6Mike Moates / Gary McDonald Subaru Impreza 50:11738+7:19+0:05
58Class M7Scott Mccombie/ Murray StrachanMitsubishi Lancer Evo 950:15839+7:23+0:04
45Class C5Thomas Rapson/ Michael Sutherland Subaru Impreza 50:17240+7:25+0:02
47Class M4James Brims/ Iain MacdonaldFord Escort Mk250:47441+7:55+0:30
51Class H2James Robertson/ Mike CurryFord Escort Mk250:58442+8:06+0:11
46Class M5Brian Ross/ Nikki Addison Ford Escort Mk II51:01143+8:09+0:03
53Class H1Keith Robathan/ David LawVauxhall Firenza52:18244+9:26+1:17
61Class M7Aileen Forrest/ John ForrestMitsubishi Evo 952:34945+9:42+0:16
62Class M3Meghan O'kane/ John O'kane Ford Fiesta 52:49146+9:57+0:15
72Class H1Hugo MacMillan/ Arthur MacMillanFord Escort RS160053:46347+10:54+0:57
69Class C5Liam Richardson/ Darren KennedySubaru Impreza 53:46348+10:54
55Class Pro2Richard Stewart/ Carin Tait-LoganPeugeot 208 Rally 453:47249+10:55+0:01
82Class Pro2Linzi Henderson/ Mrs Sue HyndFord Fiesta R2T53:52350+11:00+0:05
68Class M4Graeme Morrison / Kyle MorrisonFord Escort Mk253:55551+11:03+0:03
65Class H2Donald Brooker/ Tony BoothSubaru Legacy RS54:05552+11:13+0:10
67Class C2Danny Sutherland / Grant SutherlandPeugeot 20554:10153+11:18+0:05
56Class C3Craig Smith/ Charles MackenzieVauxhall Astra54:13154+11:21+0:03
79Class C5Andrew Grant / Ruaraidh StubbsSubaru Impreza 54:32455+11:40+0:19
86Class M2Dave the Nova McIntyre/ Shona HaleCitroen C2R2 MAX55:14256+12:22+0:42
74Class C3John Brownie/ Gordon RitchieOpel Kadett 55:28257+12:36+0:14
70Class C3Colin Patterson/ Gary ClarkFord Escort Mk256:02358+13:10+0:34
76Class C5Neil Philip/ Ian PhilipSubaru Impreza 56:43559+13:51+0:41
85Class C3Edward Noble/ Erin WoodFord Fiesta57:44460+14:52+1:01
77Class C2Owen Macleod/ Ryan UrquhartPeugeot 205 GTI57:49261+14:57+0:05
88Class C1Mark Gordon/ Ben Mcintosh Balgowan Peugeot 20558:33162+15:41+0:44
87Class C3Thomas Bell/ Jordan Hayes Peugeot 3061:01:03563+18:11+2:30
83Class C2Terry Smith/ Kenny FoggoSuzuki Swift 1:03:25364+20:33+2:22
89Class M1Fraser Mackay/ Lewis MackayPeugeot 205 GTI1:09:21165+26:29+5:56

These results became Final on Saturday 12th August 2023 at 19:10 BST and were signed by Graham Provest (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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