Car Cls Crew1234567891011121314 Penalty Total Cls
604Bill Cook/ Rob Thompson1:05.91:03.04:07.05:18.73:12.07:14.84:03.35:17.43:07.07:05.14:00.05:13.5  Suspected prop shaft failure
932Callum Francis/ Zach Clarke1:02.61:06.44:12.15:15.33:07.27:18.24:00.35:00.02:58.27:01.64:07.7   Retired
513Richard Weatherley/ Shaun Layland1:01.10:59.13:50.04:51.92:52.36:41.23:45.34:58.22:51.76:36.63:48.0   In ditch
812Neville Hudd/ Melissa Wheeler1:01.01:00.34:12.65:50.43:11.57:10.93:56.35:10.63:10.813:00.0    Gearbox
1022Paul Garraway/ Benjamin Garraway1:12.11:06.44:38.95:51.43:15.47:54.64:20.75:52.53:22.67:48.6    Retired
713Simon May/ Adrian May0:57.70:59.13:54.85:04.02:56.86:52.13:40.65:00.72:54.613:00.0    In ditch
477David Kirby/ Abi Haycock1:03.41:00.34:05.65:12.43:01.97:16.64:08.65:25.63:17.37:25.5    Retired
236Mike English/ Simon Hunter0:54.50:53.73:44.74:45.22:43.56:35.43:30.85:00.22:47.96:38.0    Exhaust Manifold
433Gary Mason/ John Matthews0:57.90:55.14:07.25:04.23:02.57:26.84:00.95:32.93:13.2     Retired
762David Ley/ Matthew Rowland1:05.31:00.44:18.95:06.33:02.47:02.13:56.65:17.13:05.5     Crash
395Stuart Cadman/ Mike Withers0:59.90:56.83:51.94:56.63:07.76:46.43:47.64:51.34:27.6     Front driveshaft failure
46Kevin Procter/ Tom Woodburn0:51.00:49.53:26.04:28.83:57.328:00.03:11.95:02.1      Snapped shaft
197Guy Anderson/ Kim Gray0:57.10:55.33:40.64:33.32:43.96:28.93:41.15:06.5      Gearbox
254Martin Hodgson/ Tony Jones0:55.20:52.73:53.84:38.62:48.36:47.23:40.9       Driver got scared of water
176Richard Weaver/ Cat Lund0:58.00:55.43:47.04:44.32:48.96:44.73:37.7       Retired
465Andrew Pawley/ Tim Sturla0:59.40:57.53:31.84:44.02:45.06:44.53:46.7       In ditch
265Wayne Larbalestier/ Steve Tillbrook0:52.90:52.13:43.54:42.62:47.56:35.73:42.2       Retired
86Rob Hughes/ Sion Cunniff0:53.30:50.23:34.34:28.82:42.16:26.23:25.2       Water temp
322Ashley Davies/ Richard Bonner1:02.20:58.54:06.47:02.42:57.57:17.1        3:00.0Slipping clutch
Car 32 Penalty details:- 3:00 for 3:00 early at MTC 6A
665Stephen Harvey/ Andy Falconer0:58.10:56.03:41.34:51.52:52.96:50.6        5:00.0Radiator
Car 66 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at TC 6C
3:00 for 3:00 early at TC 7
752Les Allfrey/ Keith Fellowes1:05.11:03.34:30.35:43.73:09.07:22.3        Steering issue
135Mark Jasper/ Don Whyatt0:55.20:51.53:43.34:54.62:47.56:34.5        Suspension damage
374Steve Hopewell/ Mike Smith1:00.50:57.93:48.04:48.52:47.0         Driver ill
227Gareth Bevan/ Dafydd Evans0:53.90:53.63:37.04:36.62:42.0         Clutch
243Tim Mewett/ Liz Jordan0:53.70:53.13:32.64:28.52:43.7         Retired
894John Rutter/ Gracie Lees1:20.31:12.34:58.16:11.0          Threw the fan belt
853Andy Reid/ Alex Reid1:09.41:03.44:23.46:22.9          Retired
284Nick Beddoes/ Andrew Sankey1:02.90:58.04:07.65:07.3          Clutch
205Mark Holmes/ Mark Perryman0:59.10:56.33:36.94:34.8          Radiator
781Neil Harrison/ Sam Weller1:07.71:05.74:10.0           Electrical fault
703Jeremy Packer/ Chris Gilbert0:59.70:58.73:53.7           Steering failed
423Antony Allery/ Bonnie Papper0:54.90:52.53:46.3           Misfire
16Melvyn Evans/ Aled Davies0:51.40:50.83:34.1           Stuck in a ditch
912Allan Smith/ Teresa Butler1:10.7             Retired
294James Munden/ John Leigh              Non Starter
563Vince Sillet/ Oliver Matthews              Retired
76Simon Bowen/ Craig Simkiss              Non Starter
124Huw James/ Ian Jones              Non Starter
962Mark Tudor/ Ben Innes              Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Sea Front Super Special 1
0.81 miles
Stage 2
Sea Front Super Special 2
0.81 miles
Stage 3
Bacons Ends 1
3.60 miles
Stage 4
Park Farm 1
3.84 miles
Stage 5
Burnt Heath 1
2.66 miles
Stage 6
Bradfield 1
6.22 miles
Stage 7
Bacons End 2
3.60 miles
Stage 8
Park Farm 2
3.84 miles
Stage 9
Burnt Heath 2
2.66 miles
Stage 10
Bradfield 2
6.22 miles
Stage 11
Bacons End 3
3.60 miles
Stage 12
Park Farm 3
3.84 miles
Stage 13
Burnt Heath 3
2.66 miles
Stage 14
Bradfield 3
6.22 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 23rd April 2023 at 18:25 BST and were signed by Gary Nicholls (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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