Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
385Neil Philpotts/ Beth Philpotts6:1310:2030:0030:0030:007:218:192:02:13969
36Paul Murro/ Callum Cross 5:135:074:404:336:416:3215:30Retired
797Nikhil Evans/ Jordan Carabine6:266:197:325:568:278:11 Retired
303Steve Davies/ Lilia Innes6:025:565:295:317:377:16 Retired
423Richard Kay/ Ian McLean5:505:445:245:177:297:23 Crank pulley was made of chocolate
443Daniel Poole/ Irvine John Holtom5:455:425:064:587:217:27 Clutch failure
364Philip Ball / Adam Cooper6:045:535:3310:2213:50  Car cutting out
667John Clayton/ Christian Brown6:376:235:545:469:56  Retired
155Alasdair Stables/ Neil Jones5:355:305:385:067:10  Mechanical issue
184Gareth Hughes / Ifan Devine5:415:285:014:567:07  Engine vibration/knock
817Mark Livesey/ Graham Brown10:2030:006:045:52   Multiple tyre walls jumped out at us!
176PhilIip Turner/ Terry Martin5:575:39     Driveshaft
86Bob Fowden/ Mathias Fowden5:235:19     Unknown
494Jonathan Davies/ Owen Rowcliffe6:27      Retired
527James Larminie/ Rich Jones       Blown engine
205Greg Inglis / Charley Sayer-Payne       Non Starter
566Andrew Manley/ David Jones       Extinguisher fault
594Rob Johnson/ Chris Johnson       Engine
66Alistair Inglis/ Colin Inglis       Non Starter
677Matthew Jones/ Gary Alan Jones       Retired
765Andrew Potts/ Dave Wilkinson       Electrical fault
126Kiaran Hankin / James Swallow       Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
4.75 miles
Stage 2
4.75 miles
Stage 3
4.80 miles
Stage 4
4.80 miles
Stage 5
6.30 miles
Stage 6
6.30 miles
Stage 7
7.10 miles

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