Car Cls Crew123456789101112 Penalty Total Cls
4DNigel Gibbard/ Simon John Rogers2:222:203:283:262:392:383:153:125:175:187:00 Gearbox
36ETony Davies/ Harry Walshaw3:253:064:254:133:173:194:023:576:3011:00  Mechanical Failure
33DNeil Philpotts/ Stuart MacMaster2:352:343:533:505:192:533:367:005:515:58  Retired
21DRyan Fagan/ Jordan Joines2:282:233:383:362:462:463:253:265:3711:00  Loss of Power
57CPhilip John Ball/ Adam Paul Cooper2:492:444:013:563:062:593:413:316:016:02  Clutch Failure
60AGareth Roberts/ Sion Rowlands2:532:554:107:003:173:164:134:167:55   Fuel Issues
88CRobert Stephen Burgess/ Jenna Reay2:492:393:503:502:542:553:353:3711:00   Retired
83BMichael Jones/ Philip Jones3:093:014:224:193:203:154:003:576:00   Gearbox Linkage
39DRyan Simpson / Marc Fowler 2:292:273:433:452:462:493:263:275:35   Retired
51ARob Jones/ Robert Ottewill3:143:114:384:323:283:264:144:14    Retired
69CSteven Cawsey/ Ross Baigent2:562:554:214:163:143:113:553:55    Retired
59CJackson Willett/ Ryan Gray2:335:003:533:442:512:503:323:30    Retired
26BSion Jones/ R. Caian Williams2:552:423:593:522:582:583:383:41    0:10Gearbox Issues
Car 26 Penalty details:- 0:10 for Failure to negotiate chicane on SS6
37DMartin Fox/ Lauren Hewitt2:472:333:523:442:523:273:453:39    Retired
62DNeill Cousins/ Graham McDougall2:432:383:513:452:552:533:333:27    Retired
5EMark Holmes/ Matt Daniels2:342:293:413:372:492:473:363:27    Driver Tired
61CTrevor Groves/ Lauren Groves3:093:044:294:243:233:244:11     Top End Siezed
86AMartin Melling/ Lewis Griffiths3:2130:004:554:463:413:42      Electrical
18DBertie Morton/ Mark Walker2:462:433:553:482:572:55      Clutch Issues
79BMark Gellatly / Ian Clapham3:063:084:314:263:21       Diff Failure
17DWayne Thomas/ Darrel Thomas 2:332:293:443:346:00       Snapped Throttle Cable
66CKevin Butler / Joseph Graham 3:082:594:264:223:22       Flywheel Failure
56CChris Roberts/ Carl Bennett2:292:283:473:463:56       Retired
16EAdam Williams/ Rachael Atherton2:452:413:523:502:54       Gearbox
92CTerence Trelfa / Bill Pearson 5:0030:0030:004:42        Retired
82BTim Millington/ Andy Millington3:163:064:397:0030:0030:0030:00     Broken Driveshaft
35ADion Rowlands/ Kai Alcock2:582:49          Engine Issues
41CTim Simpson/ Garry Green2:512:47          Retired
94AJim McBain/ Sion Morris3:46           Engine Blown
58ADarren Roberts/ Dale Gabbert 2:58           Retired
29CGareth Hughes / Ifan Devine            Halfshaft broke, making wheel fall off
10ESean Cassidy/ Sean Devlin            Non Starter
85ABarri Wilmot / Clare Jennings             Non Starter
25CRichie Hughes/ Martyn Quant            Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
2.45 miles
Stage 2
2.45 miles
Stage 3
3.56 miles
Stage 4
3.56 miles
Stage 5
2.86 miles
Stage 6
2.86 miles
Stage 7
3.39 miles
Stage 8
3.39 miles
Stage 9
5.60 miles
Stage 10
5.60 miles
Stage 11
3.69 miles
Stage 12
3.69 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 10th September 2022 at 18:45 BST and were signed by Andy Macdonald (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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