Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
1EWill Nicholls/ Nick Broom5:555:476:026:108:538:458:5750:2911
2EMartyn England/ Dawn England6:125:566:116:039:098:569:2151:4833
3ERobert Dennis/ Andy Boswell5:545:456:045:579:00  Retired
4EPhilip Hopkins/ Sam Allen6:005:496:025:578:538:499:0050:3022
5EBen Williams/ Russell Joseph6:226:106:216:1418:009:139:321:01:52424
6CWayne Lloyd/ William Lloyd6:156:016:19    Prop snapping
7DThomas “Stef DR” Davies/ Daniel Petrie6:196:046:156:069:189:139:1852:3315
8CChris White/ Jason Harris6:146:036:156:109:209:029:2252:2614
9EChris Marshall/ Andy Robinson6:146:096:146:1113:25  Missed split
10CPete Hedges/ James Hedges       Non Starter
11AStephen Pritchard/ Emma Clarke6:326:166:386:299:489:3210:0955:2419
12CDean Davies/ Cameron Wheatley6:366:136:266:239:369:249:5654:3427
13BJoe Piggott/ John Fellowes6:317:28     Retired
14CAdrian Griffiths / Karolina Kunigiskyte6:266:116:336:239:349:1611:1255:35310
15DMark Harris/ Darren Matthews6:426:1714:00    Noise
16DGraham Davies/ Rhys William edwards6:246:056:266:239:409:279:5654:2126
17CStuart Cameron/ Gary Whitington6:526:216:3211:369:439:189:501:00:12921
18BMarc Mayes/ James Davies6:296:206:356:239:489:3010:0355:0818
19EHendrik Minderman/ Glyn Thomas6:31      Gearbox
20CPeter morgan/ Fiona crump6:376:236:306:439:499:35 Retired
21DAnthony Deignan/ Kirun Deignan6:426:286:456:379:5318:0010:241:001:05:49530
Car 21 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SA 6
22ABarry Pavey/ Paul Rumary6:586:457:016:5210:219:5410:3158:22216
23BRoger Ray/ Cameron Ray6:496:326:546:5210:1910:0910:4258:17215
24DNigel Brain/ Catherine Brain6:389:4514:00    Engine misfiring
25CRick James/ Anna James6:346:256:436:3910:4011:0212:051:00:08820
26CKevin Hall/ Sarah Day6:456:376:546:4610:2110:0410:3358:00714
27DNeil barson/ Gethin edwards7:096:506:596:5611:0410:1310:521:00:03319
28DGary Speight / Sean Walsh6:466:446:366:2910:25  Mechanical issues
29CTrevor Keeble/ Chris Whittall6:38      Clutch
30CCallum Cannings/ James Summers 6:446:287:316:3910:039:5310:2757:45512
31CMike Webb/ Steve Noble6:476:306:466:4610:22  Retired
32CMark Burton / Toby Burton6:536:4114:006:589:559:5910:191:04:451029
33BMatthew arnold / Richard arnold 7:057:028:13    1:00Clutch
Car 33 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SA 2
34DAndrew Norris/ Hollie Leigh Norris7:326:547:077:0811:0410:16 Retired
35BJohn Petrie/ Heather Phelps6:326:296:456:3818:009:5410:101:04:28628
36CEdward Lowman/ Paul Lowman6:486:416:516:4210:079:5710:4457:50613
37BGareth Thomas/ Dewi Mason6:476:236:376:349:57  Retired
38DPeter Wilkins/ Caroline Brampton7:106:487:096:5910:4010:2011:071:00:13422
39BAdrian Lawman/ John Hailing7:056:487:077:1111:0118:0011:252:201:10:57733
Car 39 Penalty details:- 0:20 for 2:00 early at SA 1 / MC 1
2:00 for 2:00 early at SA 2
40BTrevor Barson/ Alan Hinton6:526:447:026:5510:1810:1110:4358:45318
41AJohn Frederick Mills / Sharon Elaine Mills7:487:337:487:4412:0511:1412:181:06:30631
42BJimmy Milligan / Mark Bradley 7:137:127:197:1510:5810:3611:271:02:00425
43AAlex Roscoe/ Stephen Roscoe6:596:416:596:5010:169:5910:5558:39317
44AStuart Baker/ Jeremy Baker7:086:557:137:0510:2810:2710:581:00:14423
45CMassie Piggott/ Julian Monkley8:157:237:457:0918:00  1:00Retired
Car 45 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SA 5
46BMark Davis/ Trudy campion7:487:117:377:1811:1411:0911:491:04:06527
47BMark Shannon/ Nicholas Jones7:176:48     Cam belt
48AOliver Norfolk/ Alexander Mill8:187:538:107:4711:5911:3512:051:001:08:47732
Car 48 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SA 4
49AAmber Smith/ Paul Topping8:227:277:407:3311:5111:068:301:02:29526
50AJames Offield/ Jonathan Davies9:378:299:008:5413:3412:5613:571:16:27834
51CIan Ross/ Lucy Pitch6:466:456:376:239:489:279:5755:43411

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.20 miles
Stage 2
5.20 miles
Stage 3
5.40 miles
Stage 4
5.40 miles
Stage 5
8.80 miles
Stage 6
8.80 miles
Stage 7
7.00 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 30th April 2022 at 16:50 BST and were signed by Dave Boden (Clerk of the Course) - This page will refresh in 5 minutes.

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