Car Cls Crew1234 Penalty Total Cls
95Peter Walster/ Ian Halliday14:163:343:4620:0041:361740
593Luke Pinder/ Roger Appleby16:164:154:1815:2840:17834
553George Scott/ Ian Close15:494:144:1515:0839:26529
65Bryan Gill/ Jonathon Bean13:303:163:3613:3633:5833
15Charlie Payne/ Craig Thorley13:503:173:3212:4933:2822
601Geoff Moffitt/ Ian Bailey17:514:374:4417:02Retired
653Mel Hudson/ Roy Bell15:533:416:0014:14Retired
293Richard Welford/ Jonathon Carver15:026:003:5814:18Retired
343Nick Cook/ Nigel Hutchinson14:423:514:0015:08Retired
695Kevin Procter/ Mark Lawson13:533:253:4613:2234:261950
75Steve Smith/ Ben Smith13:283:223:4012:541:0034:241849
Car 7 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SVC A OUT
421Steven Oade/ TBA16:344:104:21 Gearbox Failure
402Graham Hargrave/ Chris Slater15:083:464:07 Rod exited block
325Paul Lawson/ Andrew Stephenson20:00   Accident
25Dave Wood/ Les Waterfall20:00   Damaged rear stub axle
215Ian Coleman/ Neil Coleman    Accident
564Richard Naylor/ Kevin Watt    Gearbox
35Brian Bell/ Paul Spooner    Non starter
303Chris Leeming/ Raymond Guy    Retired
645Peter Stephenson/ Jim Burns    Non starter
13Mary / Joseph     No Room at the Inn
665Barry Pittaway/ Dave Kirby    Non starter
205John Coates/ William Thomas    Retired
433M Kenny/ James Kenny     Non starter
673Kevin Knox/ Kieth Knox    Loss of Wheel
253Rob Palmer/ Jim Kitson    Non starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

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N indicates Group N. 2 indicates Formula 2. V indicates Novice.
L indicates Lady. K indicates Kent Cams Championship Contender.