Beverley & District Motor Club - Armstrong Massey Wolds Historic Rally 2011

Final Penalties in Position Order to TF 5 - Time Card 1

Car Cls CrewMTC
12345 Route
Total Cls
16M6Phil Burton/ Katy Wood2:521:121:321:511:369:0311
22M6Jon Hill/ Michael Pears3:051:121:421:521:299:2022
19M6Robert Short/ Jake Burns3:281:121:002:041:469:3033
3H3Archie Simmonds/ Richard Simmonds3:021:151:341:571:459:3314
18M6Scott Wragg/ John Coulson3:051:201:431:501:369:3445
7H4William Thompson Jnr/ William Thompson Snr3:141:191:342:011:389:4616
1H2David Marsden/ Mike Garstang3:171:221:341:561:429:5117
15M6John Savage/ Paul Rhodes3:151:121:352:111:409:5358
23M6Ian Beech/ James Crosland3:061:121:392:151:449:5669
10H5David Short/ Roy Heath3:151:181:392:041:4910:05110
9H4Andrew Steel/ Benjamin Hotham3:241:211:442:061:5310:28211
11H5David Garstang/ Heidi Garstang3:341:221:462:081:4110:31212
2H2Peter Birtles/ Richard Goodacre3:441:291:422:031:4710:45213
20M6Simon David Farrar/ Dean Phillips3:132:131:421:561:4810:52714
17M6David Winter/ Sally Winter3:251:201:512:122:0410:52815
4H3Ben Blanchard/ Ian Mitchell3:381:291:422:121:5210:53216
5H3Nick Setchfield/ Alex Setchfield3:381:291:532:121:5311:05317
21M6Jeremy Ash/ Jeremy Wickins4:041:181:522:141:5611:24918
12H5George Eland/ Brian Eland4:121:381:582:222:0612:16319
6H3Neil Ryder/ Red Oudijk4:252:012:092:412:3613:52420
24M6Clint Eade / Matt Blood 3:261:121:472:125:4014:171021
These Competitors have only reached MTC 1
8H4Andrew Burns/ M. Ogram3:321:141:381:556:3414:53322

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Test 1
1.30 miles
Test 2
0.60 miles
Test 3
0.50 miles
Test 4
0.40 miles
Test 5
0.70 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 27th March 2011 at 4:33pm BST