Slaithwaite Motor Club - Opposite Lock Rally 2010

Final Stage Times in Position Order for Retirements to SF 6

Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
36BDavid Campling/ James Ducker12:5112:0010:2910:0610:049:551:05:25232
29DDuncan Moss/ Tony Racey11:3711:149:339:269:309:041:00:241115
42DAndrew Glenister/ Philip Rushton11:5011:079:309:499:27Broke it on a yump
31BDaniel Joines/ Daniel Billingham16:469:3310:3310:14Driveshaft Failure
55AJonathan Hudson/ Jonathan Crane13:0311:0912:0510:38Mechanical
50CJon Finch/ Paul Vasey11:4215:349:449:38Retired
41AMick Penrose/ Steve Campbell11:3611:1110:349:29Retired
63CChris Langthorne/ Wayne Langthorne11:3110:139:2110:09 Mechanical
32BHenry Kitching/ Sioned Kitching12:0716:2611:01 Mechanical
39BRichard Evans/ David Evans10:20   Mechanical
27BTerry Searle/ Fraser Robforts12:2611:4510:049:5112:40 Driveshaft
19AChris Wood/ Michael Rust12:1911:1110:079:299:52 Engine Siezed
65ASamantha Gabb/ Tracey Cook13:1412:5111:1110:59  Clutch
52DMartin Cockerill/ Stephen Kent13:2512:3211:0410:34  Oil Leak
54CSimon Wing/ Ian Jones13:0012:1010:1610:02  Clutch Failure
3CDave Hemingway/ Rob Hart11:0010:329:209:17  Retired
35BBen Wilkinson/ Dave Batley11:4211:179:57   Driveshaft
7DRichard Hunt/ Nick Arins11:1710:509:16   Lost drive
66BBill Perry/ Steve Perry13:5613:22    Broken Engine Mount
33BLorraine Leeming/ Karen Fitz-Simons16:2613:07    Blown Engine
15DJames Dolan/ Danielle Dolan11:1911:00    Head Gasket
72AMarcus Tomlinson/ Darren Smith13:01     Engine Broken
47DSteve Porter/ Colin Hayes16:26     Driveshaft and Overheating

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Saturday 24th July 2010 at 7:09pm BST