Beverley & District Motor Club - Maple Garage Beaver Rally 2007

Final Penalties in Position Order with Positions to STC 25 - Time Card 4

Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Cards 2 & 3
Total Cls
2EMartin Betts/ Richard Hage1:0812:0811
4EJohn Wilkinson/ Iain Tullie2:102:1022
1ETim Rodgers/ Sam Collis2:242:2433
6EAde Green/ Kev Wilson3:373:3744
3EStan Featherstone/ Mike Ogram3:563:5655
5EGuy Robinson/ Charlie Wheeldon4:354:3566
7ENick Toplis/ Mick Fern5:035:0377
14EGavin Smith/ Ali Proctor7:437:4388
35NAndrew Smith/ Plug Pulleyn8:008:0019
16EHoward Everingham/ Graeme Potter8:108:10910
15EPhil Burton/ Mark Edwards9:419:411011
13ERoger Dowgill/ CROW9:429:421112
12EDavid Tubman/ John Tubman9:579:571213
11EPete Jagger/ David Taylor12:0012:001314
31SJon Vine/ John Turnbull13:1313:13115
25SSimon Taylor/ Arthur Heaton15:1415:14216
10EJames Carter/ Jonathan Stockdale15:2315:231417
26SMick Smith/ Rhiannon Blythe16:0716:07318
21SGraham Reeson/ Peter Reeson18:4718:47419
24SPaul Metcalfe/ Stuart Wright18:5618:56520
37NRichard French/ Richard Johnson18:5918:59221
29SHugh Garnish/ David Bell19:3719:37622
36NAnnette Pashley/ Sasha Heriot20:4320:43323
44NDavid Wainwright/ Yvonne Wainwright30:1830:18424
30SAndrew Stewart/ Roger Stoneley30:2930:29725
39NIan Beech/ Bill Parkin31:3731:37526
38NMark Casey/ Glyn Casey33:38134:38627
9EDean Pearson/ Ross O'Brien1F 6:111F 6:111528
40NJames Vincent/ Kelvin Phipps1F 15:161F 15:16729
28SPaul Buckel/ Steven Butler1F 19:161F 19:16830
32SJon Hill/ Michael Pears1F 24:071F 24:07931
41NRobert Taylor/ Graham Harper1F 30:081F 30:08832
42NNeil Ryder/ Rediris Oudijk3F 1:02:3943F 1:06:39933
45NClint Eade/ Shane Frood3F 1:04:5663F 1:10:561034

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Section.

These results became Final on Sunday 25th November 2007 at 9:05am GMT