Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
28D1Berwyn Evans / Mari Haf Evans8:308:196:426:41Retired
64CJohn Carroll/ Adrian LLoyd8:197:598:158:1010:0010:00  Co-Driver Sickness
8D2James Ford/ Lee Taylor8:5612:006:346:327:5410:00  Retired
22CMike English/ Andy Robinson7:186:567:037:008:36   Diff
16D1Brandon Smith/ Catrin Jones12:0030:007:036:558:38   Retired
75AHuw Williams/ Catrin Price8:308:058:098:009:59   Suspension damage
44CKevin John Williams/ Andrew Davies7:308:028:178:4510:00   Lack of fuel pressure
18D2Adrian Spencer/ Lauren Hewitt7:086:537:107:29    Front End Damage
37ADion Rowlands/ Kai Alcock7:237:077:167:20    Engine
27D1Gareth Richards/ Ian Jones12:007:177:31     Retired
57BColette Rooney/ Jonathan Cragg8:197:517:49     Drive Shaft
32D1Seamus Morris/ Jarleth Kelly7:026:506:55     Suspension Damage
1D2Frank Bird/ Jack Morton6:176:09      Retired
46CSteve Dolman/ Paul Sheard7:4212:00      Gearbox of Bits
14D1Mike Taylor/ Martin Haggett12:00       Coolant Hose
60ASir Andrew McAlpine/ Andrew Merifield        Retired
71BKevin Butler / Matthew Simms         Engine Fire
68ARob Jones/ Tony Archer        Gearbox

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
5.60 miles
Stage 2
5.60 miles
Stage 3
6.10 miles
Stage 4
6.10 miles
Stage 5
5.00 miles
Stage 6
5.00 miles
Stage 7
5.00 miles
Stage 8
5.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 1st March 2020 at 16:40 GMT

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