Furness District Motor Club - Grizedale Stages Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Position Order to TC 1

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
1Class 5Ollie Mellors/ Ian Windress11
2Class 5Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson22
3Class 5Thomas Preston/ Carl Williamson33
4Class 5Jock Armstrong/ Cameron Fair44
5Class 5Charles Payne/ Patrick Walsh55
7Class 5Daniel Hiorns/ Chris Purvis66
9Class 5Phillip Pickard/ Simon Pickard77
10Class 5Simon Bowen / Richard Robinson 88
11Class 5Alan Carmichael / Claire Williams99
12Class 5Richard Ceen/ Osian Owen1010
14Class 5Gary Tomlinson / Liam Whiteley1111
15Class 5James Ford/ Dale Bowen1212
16Class 5Steve Petch/ John Richardson1313
17Class 5Seb Perez/ Alex Lee1414
18Class 5Kevin Crawford/ Andrew Stevenson1515
19Class 5Simon Green/ Andrew Thorpe1616
20Class 5John Rintoul/ Ross Hynd1717
22Class 5Mark Holmes / Craig Simkiss1818
23Class 4Mike Wolff/ Mark Twiname119
25Class 2Mark Shaw/ James Coxon120
26Class 3Andrew Robinson/ Kev Wilson 121
27Class 2Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge222
28Class 2Bobby Mitchell/ Rhys Stoneman323
31Class 5Trevor Mcconnell / Dean O Sullivan1924
32Class 3Iwan Roberts Jnr/ Steve Griffith225
34Class 2Bryan Gibson/ Katy Mashiter426
35Class 3John Lowe/ Dave Robson327
36Class 3Graham Bruce / David Aitken 428
37Class 5Nick Taylor/ Helen Harkness2029
39Class 3Will Midgley/ Geoff Maybank530
40Class 5Andy Graham/ Ryan Graham2131
41Class 5Hugh Brunton/ Richard Simmonds2232
42Class 1Matt Cotton/ Dan Nieroda133
43Class 4Andrew McCormick/ Chris McSherry234
44Class 1Pete Gorst/ Phil King235
45Class 2Caroline Carslaw/ Charley Sayer-Payne536
46Class 1Phil Lilley/ John Ellwood337
47Class 2Dan Jones/ Cyril Jones638
48Class 3John Brownie/ Gordon Ritchie639
49Class 3Tony Walker/ Dave Read740
50Class 4Ben Jemison/ James Dixon341
51Class 3Ian Barnes/ Emma Morrison842
52Class 3Jason Metcalfe/ David Batley943
53Class 2Joel David Simpson/ Shannon Turnbull744
54Class 1David Barr/ Neil Mitchell-Hunter445
55Class 2Chris Marlow/ David Shepherd 846
56Class 3Alexander Ian Milne/ Dawn Milne1047
57Class 2Jonathan MacDonald/ Chris Wareham948
60Class 3Joel Eakin/ Sean Doherty1149
61Class 1Billy Walden/ Andrew Walshaw550
62Class 1Dave Head/ Lewis Griffiths651
63Class 2Tom Harrison/ Marcus Pomfret1052
64Class 3Matthew Robinson/ Graham Wilcock1253
59Class 3Benjamin Smith/ Phill Spurge 1:001:001355
Car 59 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC 1
These Competitors have only reached MTC 1
21Class 3Ashley Hodge/ Graham Chamberlain1456
24Class 5Alun Pearson/ Aras Dincer2357

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Saturday 7th December 2019 at 3:55pm GMT