Bolton-le-Moors Car Club - Neil Howard Stages 2019

Final Stage Times in Position Order for Retirements to FTC 7

Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
17CMike English/ Andy Robinson9:519:278:228:129:0030:008:541:23:462378
86ACalvin Woods/ Connor Aspey10:2410:299:108:567:537:479:131:03:52861
70D1Roger Titley/ Lucy Owen-Moczadlo10:069:478:4512:007:307:118:171:03:361657
82BSimon Larner/ Tony Clements10:3210:119:188:407:487:328:571:02:58756
47AMark Blackmore / Matthew Blackmore 10:4910:428:258:147:137:028:121:00:37345
72BRichard Kay/ Adam Kay9:569:448:578:377:247:06 Unknown Fault
16D1Martin Hodgson/ Tony Jones9:118:568:027:496:576:58 Electrical
35D2Dave Roberts/ Jonathon Kennedy9:138:568:097:506:466:41 Retired
11D1Peter Jackson/ Chris Williams9:048:417:467:386:41  Steering
46CKevin John Williams/ Andrew Davies10:2210:5812:0012:009:00  Fuel Pressure
40CGavin Thomson/ Simon Golding9:539:1812:008:287:15  Electrical Problem
20D2John Griffiths / Nigel Wetton9:219:108:187:547:02  Mechanical
6D2Frank Bird/ Jack Morton8:228:057:217:099:00  Turbo
12D1Wil Owen/ Llion Owen9:148:297:367:296:31  Stuck in the mud!!
2D2Matt Edwards / Rhys Stoneman8:228:107:197:066:01  0:10Manifold
Car 2 Penalty details:- 0:10 for SS1 Post 4
18D1Ciro Carannante/ Simon Coates9:168:578:078:27   Engine Noise
299CDaniel Poole/ Derek Lewin 10:3010:0912:00    Engine
262BMichael Farmer/ Bruce Lindsay10:129:459:13    Inadequately prepared car
77BGeorge Sheard/ Tommi Meadows9:249:15     Shafted
67D2Shaun Mcgonigal/ Benjamin Richardson10:50      Caught fire
42CCathy Sewart/ Colin Stephens       Fuel Issues
7D2Jamie Jukes/ James Morgan       Retired
79D2Craig Kennedy/ Marcus Kennedy       Boost pipe burst, went onto grass

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.80 miles
Stage 2
7.80 miles
Stage 3
7.35 miles
Stage 4
7.35 miles
Stage 5
5.79 miles
Stage 6
5.79 miles
Stage 7
7.57 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at 6:55pm GMT