Lindholme Motor Sports Club & Slaithwaite Motor Club - Vale of York Stages Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Class Order to SSF 3

Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
161Mark Constantine/ Andrew Constantine9:058:288:3826:11111
241Matt Wood/ Alan Jackson9:038:338:3926:15212
391Mark Simpson/ Julian Floyd9:028:469:1327:01320
321Paddy Homan/ Josh Followell9:198:579:1527:31423
Class 2
212David Duff/ Richard Hill8:508:488:4126:19114
332Chris Lawson/ Richard Wardle9:238:419:0727:11221
352Michael Thornton/ Dave Scrimgour9:289:019:2827:57324
262Robin Shuttleworth/ Chris Marlow9:369:249:2228:22427
Class 3
283Adrian Day/ Wayne Ward8:498:278:3225:4816
423Rob Brook/ Andy Rowe8:538:288:3125:5227
173Matt Tarbutt/ Mike Yates8:498:358:3525:5938
203Kevin Franks/ Craig Walley8:478:358:3826:0049
273Dave Baines / Kevin Hutchinson8:418:318:5926:11510
183Paul Rees/ Ian Faulkner9:038:318:4426:18613
253Stephen Oade/ Joe Oade8:548:398:5126:24715
363Jim Slater/ Nigel Macmahon9:048:388:4926:31818
373Kevin Hullah/ Chris Harding9:248:549:1127:29922
233Mark Mazzitelli/ Pete Butler10:488:268:4327:571025
383Tom Hobson/ Ellisha Blackwell9:319:009:2928:001126
343Paul Wild/ Richard Wilkinson9:459:139:3628:341228
403Mark Ward/ Roger Ward11:0210:0314:060:1035:211330
Car 40 Penalty details:- 0:10 for 1:00 late at MTC 1
Class 4
34Stephen Booth/ Catherine Booth8:278:038:1124:4113
124Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock8:528:518:4426:27216
144Stuart Tomlinson/ Nick Taylor9:048:428:4126:27317
224Peter Outram/ Michael Munday8:529:028:4326:37419
Class 5
55Martin Pavier/ Peter Kettle8:167:548:0124:1111
75Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster8:187:588:0824:2422
95Hugh Peat/ Mark Swallow8:478:228:2625:3534
85Darren Martin/ Kyle Gass8:428:238:4125:4645
115Craig Renshaw/ Steven Renshaw8:208:2214:0630:48529

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.96 miles
Stage 2
7.96 miles
Stage 3
7.15 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 8th September 2019 at 4:10pm BST