Eastwood & District Motor Club - Phoenix Stages Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Position Order to ATC 4

Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
25Arron Newby/ John Cope4:494:407:1116:4011
15David Welch/ Steve McNulty4:534:577:2617:1622
35Gary Wayne/ Neal Bloor5:034:567:3217:3133
45Dave Hornbrook/ Bob Brown5:064:547:4617:4644
205Julian Hope / Mark James 5:094:597:4617:5455
85Scott Renshaw / Chris Bullock5:105:027:4417:5666
195Lee Allen/ Ben Allen 5:095:168:0418:2977
115Craig Renshaw/ Steven Renshaw5:215:088:0018:2988
423Edward Lewis/ Anthony Windle5:215:178:0218:4019
443Mark Mazzitelli/ Pete Butler5:265:218:0218:49210
275Dean Hickling/ Geoff Moss5:225:228:0918:53911
403Tom stockdale/ Dean Stockdales5:345:158:0818:57312
144Stuart Tomlinson/ Nick Taylor5:295:178:1218:58113
233Dean Baker/ Adrian Baker5:285:198:1218:59414
223Nick Dobson / Jonathan Turnbull5:335:178:0918:59515
154Peter Outram/ Jemma Outram5:315:208:1319:04216
572Paul Steventon/ Martin Caldwell5:325:198:1319:04117
305Jonathan Lightbody/ Tom Homan5:375:178:1319:071018
311Michael Pickles/ Bev Warren5:345:218:1419:09119
632Dan Petrie/ Michele Petrie 5:375:228:1019:09220
675Paul Gould/ Will Stroud5:315:288:1919:181121
361Chris Row/ Jayne Auden-Row5:355:308:2019:25222
242David Duff/ Richard Hill5:595:188:1819:35323
393Gary Dillon/ Dave Riley5:375:368:2919:42624
164Roger Titley/ Rachel Faulkner5:326:148:0519:51325
255Bill Douglas/ Dave Tearl5:275:199:0819:541226
293Christopher Langthorne/ Rebecca Marshall5:266:168:2520:07727
564Lee Sellars/ Sean Sellars5:405:428:5520:17428
463Paul Bird/ David Cox5:485:558:4620:29829
333Des moody/ Ian haynes 5:585:478:4820:33930
604Robert Page/ Andy Johnson6:055:518:3920:35531
433Dave Leadbetter/ Cath Woodman6:005:408:5620:361032
172Andy Graham/ Rob Mckenry5:305:199:5620:45433
611Ian Bass/ Harry Walshaw6:125:559:0021:07334
514Steve Loomes/ Rob Snape6:105:579:0421:11635
553Lucy Pitch/ Samantha Pitch6:096:218:5021:201136
523Tom Hobson/ Ellisha Blackwell6:175:599:2721:431237
413Dhiren Solanki/ Dave Barratt6:165:599:3321:481338
381Paddy Homan/ Lee Burton5:497:188:4521:52439
543Simon Taylor/ Caroline Taylor6:096:359:2322:071440
651Steve Walshaw/ James Rudd6:386:199:4622:43541
591Stewart Holmes/ Steven Holmes6:436:3110:0023:14642
493Lorraine Gathercole/ Martyn Donn7:016:2610:0323:301543
104Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock5:1910:138:0323:35744
65David McMullan/ Marc Melhuish5:024:5316:0025:551345
283Antony Allery/ Simon Dockray5:175:0616:0026:231646
501Adi Collins/ Jon Hudson5:455:3016:0027:15747
582Daniel Knifton/ Nathan Marriott5:5113:069:0328:00548
123James Gratton-Smith/ Tom Jordan7:445:1616:0029:001749
641Mike Collins/ Chris Sheridan6:2612:5210:1729:35850
661Paul Topping/ Alex Mill7:0014:0010:4131:41951
323Howard Staves/ Grant Williams14:0030:0030:001:14:001852
These Competitors have only reached SS 3 Finish
95Dave Roberts/ Jonathan Kennedy5:115:027:4417:571453

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
4.90 miles
Stage 2
4.90 miles
Stage 3
6.90 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 4th August 2019 at 5:37pm BST