Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club - ATL Carlisle Stages Historic Rally 2019

Final Stage Times in Position Order to SF5

Car Cls Crew12345 Penalty Total Cls
9D5Simon Webster/ Jez Rogers3:265:2213:503:225:1931:1911
1D5Matthew Robinson / Sam Collis3:245:2413:463:255:2631:2522
10D5Rob Smith/ Alun Cook3:245:1914:013:245:2031:2833
14G2Rudi Lancaster/ Guy Weaver3:395:2513:563:255:3131:5614
18C5John Perrott / Andrew Sankey3:325:3314:173:295:4432:3515
7C5Stanley Orr/ Grahame Henderson3:345:4214:203:315:5132:5826
26D5Paul Street/ Ian Jones3:365:3614:303:325:4833:0247
38D3David Lloyd Roberts/ Dei Jones3:445:5715:023:325:3833:5318
34C5Gary Smith/ John Conner3:415:5115:003:375:5934:0839
35D5Mike Tomkinson/ Shaun Whitehurst3:456:0015:043:385:4834:15510
32C5Chris Browne/ Ali Cornwell-Browne3:396:0115:103:365:5734:23411
31D5Phil Squires/ Mick Squires3:446:0115:173:395:5634:37612
45C2Stuart Cariss/ Linda Cariss3:456:0915:233:416:0435:02113
64C2Philip Atkinson/ Louise Gilks3:475:5615:383:465:5935:06214
40G2Tim Metcalfe/ Caron Tomlinson3:546:2815:353:456:1735:59215
44D5David Kynaston/ Val Thompson3:556:2715:273:496:2536:03716
57B4Bob Bean/ Malcolm Smithson 3:496:1116:103:536:0736:10117
56F2Tom Coughtrie/ Ian Fraser3:375:5818:483:325:5137:46118
These Competitors have only done 4 stages
11D5Will Onions/ Dave Williams3:325:3214:073:28 26:39819
21D5Barry Stevenson-Wheeler/ John Pickavance3:295:3714:223:26 26:54920
20G2James Slaughter/ Jamie Edwards3:315:3514:203:30 26:56321
23D5Lee Ashberry/ Terry Mallin3:335:3914:403:34 27:261022
39D3Mike Reed/ John Millington3:495:5415:043:38 28:25223
58D3Paul Holmes/ Elizabeth Beesley3:476:0315:393:44 29:13324
53D3Ron Morgan/ Rhys Stoneman3:566:1516:003:53 30:04425
68D2Malcolm Mounsey/ Ron Mounsey5:157:1619:354:52 5:0041:58126
Car 68 Penalty details:- 5:00 for 5:00 early at TC3A

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Florida 1
3.14 miles
Stage 2
Newcastleton 1
5.06 miles
Stage 3
Kershope 1
12.87 miles
Stage 4
Florida 2
3.14 miles
Stage 5
Newcastleton 2
5.06 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 8th June 2019 at 5:45pm BST