Chelmsford Motor Club - Corbeau Seats Rally Tendring & Clacton 2019

Final Stage Times in Position Order for Retirements to SSF 12

Car Cls Crew123456789101112 Penalty Total Cls
23CRoyston Carey/ Bridge Carey6:48.33:33.75:41.82:25.48:15.73:38.56:24.72:38.46:37.03:28.15:39.43:28.658:39.6936
60BPaul Hands/ Lee Bezuidenhout7:08.53:45.56:11.82:43.37:04.43:50.86:25.52:40.66:57.63:43.410:00.0 Snapped Throttle Cable
84EDuncan Metcalfe/ Phil J Davies7:16.93:17.66:14.42:38.57:44.24:12.65:31.62:43.77:04.63:55.46:42.2 Clutch
5DOliver Davies/ Ben Innes6:30.83:22.35:29.72:19.66:31.43:28.85:55.92:35.36:20.33:22.45:39.5 Gearbox
9ERob Tout/ Kevin Jones6:38.03:26.05:31.12:22.46:34.13:28.65:58.52:27.06:21.73:19.7  Retired
134DRoss Brusby / Sam Collis 6:14.93:18.65:24.22:15.76:20.73:20.85:51.42:20.26:12.83:16.6  Halfshaft
16DPete Rayner/ Aron Rayner6:30.73:31.25:35.62:25.16:42.43:34.66:38.72:43.26:40.8   Retired
100BEd Scott/ Martin Lane7:20.23:45.15:48.82:37.78:08.84:22.07:08.13:56.0    Power Assisted Failure
19EJody Bowcott/ David Millard6:17.822:00.025:00.020:00.06:18.53:22.46:02.02:28.2    Retired
121ABarri Wilmot/ Clare Bird8:28.26:02.325:00.020:00.08:04.34:05.06:28.22:46.3    2:40.0Alternator Broken
Car 121 Penalty details:- 2:40 for 16:00 late at TC 4B
63EWayne Larbalestier/ Sophie Buckland13:00.03:51.18:18.82:35.07:29.93:49.36:57.42:36.7    3:00.0Everything is broken :)
Car 63 Penalty details:- 1:40 for 10:00 late at MTC 0
1:20 for 8:00 late at TC 4B
95AMark Annison/ Ian Humphrey7:13.14:00.16:16.12:41.57:30.24:11.16:44.52:46.9    10:00.0Front bearing breaking up
Car 95 Penalty details:- 10:00 for 10:00 early at TC 4C
102ASheldon Furby/ Peter Littlefield8:34.04:11.86:42.02:56.28:27.24:24.17:15.93:36.6    Electrical maybe?
2ERobert Swann/ Steve McNulty6:15.83:19.65:21.62:20.06:21.03:24.45:32.82:27.3    10:00.0Retired due to time penalty
Car 2 Penalty details:- 10:00 for R.32.2(l) on RS6
38H3Tim Pearcey/ David Boyes11:39.03:40.45:46.72:35.96:58.63:48.56:10.92:39.4    Retired
41H2Richard Lane/ Jez Rogers6:53.03:30.35:46.12:28.96:53.53:39.66:10.22:32.9    Retired
14ESteve Finch/ Sam Fordham6:55.93:28.85:47.42:28.26:40.73:29.55:51.5     Retired
62BAbi Mahmood/ Samantha Bartlett7:14.93:59.76:43.32:40.67:31.24:18.7      Lost Power
65DRob Smithson/ Martin Corbett13:00.02:56.35:50.72:23.56:58.84:08.3      Electric Fault
70CAziz Tejpar/ Steve Davey7:00.03:39.65:50.12:31.46:54.3       Hose Split
29DNick Beddoes/ Jamie Vaughan6:46.93:30.25:39.92:24.26:38.2       Off in ditch
116CLee Robinson/ Daniel Robinson13:00.022:00.025:00.020:00.08:51.9       Broke driveshaft
125BAndrew Hebron/ Jon Ross7:09.93:49.06:09.42:36.68:22.8       Fan Belt Snapped
73CAntony Allery/ Callum Francis6:31.23:25.75:49.02:28.2        9:20.0Spun out into tree
Car 73 Penalty details:- 4:20 for 26:00 late at TC 4B
5:00 for 5:00 early at TC 4C
46CGary Mason / John Matthews 6:42.67:00.06:15.42:44.2        Retired
72CEdward Welham/ Stuart Rod7:45.83:57.510:00.02:43.6        Mechanical
127DLee Williams/ Crow7:50.03:59.46:47.22:46.2        Starter Motor Dead
61BChris Gravestock/ Mark Harmer7:04.73:46.25:54.75:00.0        Crashed into Ditch
28CKevin Boyle/ Neil Bye6:44.03:35.85:42.0         Electrical
77BMatthew Ockendon/ Wendy Gibson6:48.83:41.46:31.0         Broken rear suspension
50CAshley Davies/ Richard Bonner6:45.83:33.05:42.2         Broken Propshaft
99BMike East/ Richard Pashley7:28.43:48.7          Blown Engine
53BDominic Worsfold / Matthew Fowle 6:39.03:34.9          Retired
18DMartin Hodgson/ Tony Jones6:53.35:10.4          Not Charging
129CJames Muir/ Paul Easter7:39.54:00.2          0:10.0Driver sick
Car 129 Penalty details:- 0:10 for 1:00 early at MTC 0
27EStuart Cadman/ Dennis Suttenwood6:37.1           Oil cooler after off
58DDave Jennings/ Lorraine Nixon7:59.4           Mechanical
128AMark Constantine/ Andrew Constantine            Off Road
66HKDesaeyer Angelo/ Dejonghe Mieke            Engine
122CRoss Wey/ Conor Wey            Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Promotive Engineering 1
6.42 miles
Stage 2
Cadman Construction 1
3.34 miles
Stage 3
Weston Homes 1
5.25 miles
Stage 4
MJG Engineering 1
2.27 miles
Stage 5
Promotive Engineering 2
6.42 miles
Stage 6
Cadman Construction 2
3.34 miles
Stage 7
Weston Homes 2
5.25 miles
Stage 8
MGJ Engineering 2
2.27 miles
Stage 9
Promotive Engineering 3
6.42 miles
Stage 10
Cadman Construction 3
3.34 miles
Stage 11
Weston Homes 3
5.25 miles
Stage 12
MGJ Engineering 3
2.27 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 28th April 2019 at 6:45pm BST