Furness District Motor Club - Grizedale Stages Rally 2018

Final Stage Times in Starting Order to TC 1A

Car Cls Crew1 Penalty Total Cls
1Class 5Josh Moffett/ Keith Moriarty20:1020:1033
2Class 5Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson19:5219:5211
3Class 5Peter Taylor/ Andrew Roughead Retired
4Class 5Thomas Preston/ Carl Williamson 20:3320:3355
5Class 5Jock Armstrong/ Cameron Fair20:0020:0022
6Class 5Russ Thompson/ Andy Murphy20:3420:3466
7Class 5John Wink/ John Forrest20:1820:1844
8Class 5Peter M Stephenson/ Patrick Walsh 20:4620:4677
9Class 5Michael Binnie/ Claire Mole Driveshaft
10Class 5Alan Carmichael/ Ivor Lamont21:0321:031010
11Class 3Lee Ashberry/ John Pickavance23:0423:04530
12Class 5Bruce Mccombie/ Michael Coutts21:3721:371315
14Class 5Gary Tomlinson/ Tom Murphy21:1121:111111
15Class 5Richard Sykes/ Simon Taylor22:26Suspension SS1
16Class 5Steve Petch/ John Richardson22:3622:361824
17Class 5Simon Bowen / Richard Robinson Ran out of fuel
18Class 4Adrian Hetherington/ Cathal Mulgrew21:2021:20112
19Class 3Ashley Hodge/ Steve Pugh34:0734:071167
20Class 3Marcus Noble/ Helen Noble22:4522:45327
21Class 3Mark Holmes/ Craig Simkiss Retired
22Class 5Martin Scott/ Daniel Forsyth20:5920:5999
23Class 5Daniel Hiorns/ Chris Purvis22:1022:101721
24Class 5Keith Morris/ Terry Mallin21:4121:411416
25Class 3Alan Walker/ John Connor21:2721:27113
26Class 4Vivian Hamiill / Andrew Grennan 25:1425:14455
27Class 5Alun Pearson/ Sam Spencer29:5329:533165
28Class 5Simon Green/ Andrew Thorpe22:3822:381925
29Class 3Phil Jobson/ Mark Casey Stuck in Neutral
30Class 5John Rintoul/ Ross Hynd22:0322:031619
31Class 2Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge22:1922:19222
32Class 3Colin Hope/ Nick Patrick Rolled
33Class 5Craig Cameron/ Rhys Stoneman21:3421:341214
34Class 3Dave Forrest/ Charlile Carter22:0522:05220
35Class 5Paul McCann/ Chris Williams21:5421:541517
36Class 2Mark Shaw/ James Coxon 22:0122:01118
37Class 2Ross Hughes/ Steven Brown23:4823:48541
38Class 5Andy Graham/ Ryan Graham23:2223:222334
39Class 5David Wallbank/ Mike Scrimgour Battery problems
40Class 5Trevor Gamble/ John Young29:0629:063064
41Class 4Andy Turner/ Steve Harris22:2322:23223
42Class 3Tim Metcalfe/ Caron Tomlinson24:1424:14944
43Class 2Philip Clarke/ Gareth Parry23:2823:28336
44Class 2Bryan Gibson/ Katy Mashiter24:4324:43948
45Class 5Chris Melling/ Andy Peak26:45Floppy Shaft
46Class 5Robert Harkness/ Michael Curry22:5022:502028
47Class 5Daniel James Cowell/ Liam Andrew Whiteley 25:2725:272756
48Class 1Steve Black/ Paul Morris22:4422:44126
49Class 5Ian Tippett/ Andy Rowe23:2023:202233
50Class 4Ernie Lee / Patricia Milligan24:5224:52351
51Class 5Tom Coughtrie/ Ian Fraser Non Starter
52Class 5Graham Gaskell/ Dave Gibson23:4923:492542
53Class 5Jan Budge/ Bruce Lindsay23:1623:162131
54Class 3Duncan Ferguson/ Alexander Murphy23:1623:16632
55Class 3Walter Henderson/ Jim Kinloch23:3423:34837
56Class 2Mike Axford/ Dave Thomason24:4324:431049
57Class 3A Douglas Watt/ Callum Shanks23:2523:25735
58Class 4Kevin Metcalfe/ Lewis Griffiths Retired
59Class 3David Edwards/ Eathan McColgan22:5122:51429
60Class 1Eliot Retallick/ Emily Retallick23:3923:39239
61Class 2James Campbell/ Kevin MacIver34:07Retired
62Class 2David Gathercole / Kirsty Beckwith 24:0324:03643
63Class 5Keith Gapper/ Jordan Wilkinson23:4623:462440
64Class 2Donald Peacock/ Scott Peacock24:3224:32745
65Class 3John Brownie/ Gordon Ritchie24:5524:551052
66Class 2Paul Rawson/ Paul Wild24:3224:32846
67Class 3Darren Martin/ Peter Johnson32:0810:0042:081268
Car 67 Penalty details:- 10:00 for 10:00 early at TC 1A
68Class 5Ian Perkins/ Geoff Holmes26:1426:142859
69Class 2Christopher Marlow/ Adam Evans27:4227:421563
70Class 2Rob Graham/ Helen Harkness23:3823:38438
71Class 2Fraser Smith/ Ian Parker24:4424:441150
72Class 2Dave Jackson/ Andrew Simon Martin24:5724:571253
73Class 5Billy Thomson/ Steve Perry25:0825:082654
74Class 2Karl Knox/ Andy Brown26:4226:421360
75Class 5Craig Callander/ Paul Barbet27:3727:372962
76Class 2Bryan Gourlay/ Scott Gourlay26:5626:561461
77Class 1James Johns/ Paul Watkins25:5825:58558
78Class 1David Barr/ Neil Mitchel Hunter25:4225:42457
79Class 1Rob Richards/ Wendy Gibson24:3224:32347
80Class 1Dave Head/ Matthew Hewlett30:3030:30666
81Class 2Rob Jones/ Barry Armer Retired
82Class 5Ian Bainbridge/ Giles Dykes20:5520:5588

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Grizedale 1
17.06 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 8th December 2018 at 3:50pm GMT