Dukeries Motor Club - REX Pet Hotel Flying Fortress Stages 2017

Final Stage Times in Starting Order

Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
15Dave Welch/ Stuart Proctor10:309:556:156:17    Exhaust Manifold no boost
25Simon Belcher/ Peter Butler10:4210:216:276:2310:089:467:157:141:08:1625
35Martin Farrar/ Andy Ward11:1310:3210:486:14    Excluded SR14
43Tom Walster/ Jamie Vaughan15:279:596:035:599:349:196:486:451:09:5458
54Mark Jasper/ Don Whyatt        Poncture
65Michael Pickles / Beverley Warren10:399:566:336:179:549:386:597:091:07:0512
75Ian Tiffany/ Graham White10:3710:076:186:149:589:40  Retired
85Lee Burgess/ Craig Bellworthy         Rolled
94Robert Lowe/ Graham Phillpott10:4210:006:276:069:479:306:536:431:06:0811
105David Longfellow/ Daniel Ward        Non Starter
113James Nicholls/ David Allman10:5710:286:236:2610:139:557:167:011:08:3947
123Ross Wey/ Conor Wey10:5110:296:266:2410:0810:037:117:071:08:3936
143Gary Mason / John Matthews 10:4810:006:146:0910:299:506:557:141:07:3913
153Richard Warne/ Chris Deal11:1510:466:436:4011:0110:26  Retired
163Stuart Ranby/ Ian Bass        Non Starter
174Stuart Tomlinson/ Nick Taylor11:2010:416:346:3110:3610:327:387:241:11:16314
184Philip Rowland/ Philip Woodcock11:0210:346:286:2310:3010:237:27 Broken diff
195Martin Pavier/ Peter Kettle11:0410:326:276:2210:2910:317:327:231:10:20410
202Paul Rees/ Paul Briggs10:5810:328:446:32    Mechanical / Not enough rum in tank
215William Moore/ Stuart Moore        Non Starter
225Graham Williams/ Nigel Williams        Non Starter
232Andy Graham/ Rob McHenry11:0310:416:406:3510:1810:118:167:181:11:02112
243Roland Brown/ Terry Luckings11:0330:0030:006:2510:10   Retired
253Stephen Booth/ Catherine Booth10:259:566:146:069:519:496:598:541:08:1424
263Lee Ashberry/ Daniel Palmer11:15       Axle broken
273Vince Sillett/ Samm Keeley11:26       Big Tree
284Peter Outram/ Jemma Outram10:5610:556:406:3810:2810:107:307:271:10:44211
295Andy Smith/ Bob Draper10:5310:406:296:3110:2410:117:267:261:10:0039
303Stuart Popplewell/ Nigel Barber10:5610:396:35     Broken Bottom Arm
312Robert Dillon/ Steve McNulty        Rolled end over end
325Paul Pickett/ Paul Minard11:1110:396:41     Gearbox
335Dennis Sanford/ Adam Sutton        Non Starter
341Clive King/ Anton Bird11:1810:556:536:43    Water Pump Failed
353Kevin Hullah/ Chris Harding12:2710:49      Clutch + Core Plug - no water
363Adrian Day/ Wayne Ward11:3010:586:436:3910:29   In a ditch
373Neil Marshall / Matt Venables15:4830:00      Driveshaft
383Dave Baines/ Matt Wood 10:5515:48      Bent axle & can't fill the fuel tank
393Rob Fisher/ Tom Murphy13:4810:326:3610:48    Engine went bang
405Ryan Graham/ Liam Stubbs11:4411:016:466:5110:3910:247:477:411:12:53616
414Anthony Windle/ John Hendley11:0611:016:456:4515:4810:337:427:351:17:15422
424Antony Cowpe/ Dom Bramfoot11:3615:486:547:0111:0611:308:078:091:20:11525
434Andrew Juric/ Michael Juric11:2111:036:446:5910:56   Boiled Fuel
442Chris Temple/ James Griggs11:3611:186:597:0111:2010:597:557:501:14:58318
452Jon Atherton / Jack Atherton 11:5715:48      Lack of Steering
461Patrick Homan/ Thomas Homan11:4211:207:026:5811:22   Retired
472Michael Thornton/ Dave Scrimgour12:0511:387:227:1211:2011:008:098:051:16:51521
481Barri Wilmot/ Clare Bird12:2211:306:556:4310:5610:427:457:371:14:30117
491Oliver Howard/ Simon Howard14:4230:008:01     Engine Management
503Alan Hick/ Philip Hewson15:4811:467:137:1111:1610:507:367:551:19:35724
513Dhiren Solanki/ Dave Barratt        Died on SS1 - electrical?
522Tony Ginns/ Ben Giles11:3230:006:576:5411:00   Mechanical
535Nick Barrington / Tom Barrington15:48       Electrical
543Stephen Shephard/ Harry Shephard12:3311:487:217:0511:2311:168:138:091:17:48623
552Ian Dove/ John Dove12:1012:147:37     Broken Gearbox
564Lee Sellars/ Sean Sellars11:5711:567:417:25    Blown Engine
574Dean Hickling/ Geoff Moss12:4112:478:137:5512:1112:098:558:541:23:45627
582Lorraine Leeming/ Karen Fitzsimon12:1211:476:566:5411:0410:467:477:421:15:08419
595Connor Poole/ Aaron Field 11:4710:486:326:2910:33   No brakes
605Scott Renshaw / Dean Wilson12:1711:387:127:0011:2111:067:597:491:16:22720
612Liam Carfrae/ Howard Goacher11:1911:106:596:4410:3910:337:397:361:12:39215
623Mark Jones/ Callum Craw        Stuck on Stage
631Connor Tolson/ Sam Bailey12:2011:587:257:1611:4515:488:308:131:23:15226
641Blake Morris/ Emlyn Evans        Non Starter
654Ian Lowe/ Phil Nagel12:5912:247:427:3512:1512:02  Missing Exhaust and Alternator Failure
660Doren Farmer/ Chris Sheridan15:1814:248:508:3613:3913:329:469:591:34:04128
675John Godbehere/ Ryan Godbehere11:1610:397:276:3510:2310:017:237:211:11:05513
680Ian Bass/ Mathew Pavier        Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.90 miles
Stage 2
7.90 miles
Stage 3
5.40 miles
Stage 4
5.40 miles
Stage 5
7.90 miles
Stage 6
7.90 miles
Stage 7
6.00 miles
Stage 8
6.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 18th June 2017 at 5:40pm BST