Blackpool South Shore Motor Club - Keith Frecker Memorial Weeton Stages 2016

Final Stage Times in Position Order for Retirements to Arrival SS10

Car Cls Crew123456789 Penalty Total Cls
465Jamie Martin/ Kyle Gass7:267:346:2612:005:596:0910:2910:229:361:16:011226
75Nigel Hobson/ Tim Hobson6:416:165:385:304:594:548:528:438:0659:3944
55Keith Richardson / Sion Cunniff6:566:045:455:225:154:558:438:297:3459:0333
225James Massey/ Matthew Broadbent7:076:345:505:435:175:199:269:188:15Retired
315Matthew Steadman/ Jamie Sparks7:266:456:046:085:395:349:409:32 Off into trees
215Ian Colman/ Nick Colman6:466:245:495:445:055:039:449:14 Drive Shaft
305Chris Pedley/ Craig Pedley 7:227:315:535:475:245:359:299:48 Broken bottom arm
155Dale Carter/ Mark Carter6:436:185:415:405:184:5912:009:44 Broken Wishbone
324Paul Edwards/ Tony Gush6:526:405:575:465:105:149:339:22 Retired
425Roy Wadsley/ Mark Broadbent7:257:036:106:075:345:5210:18  Track control arm bush failure
234Ryan Fagan / Jordan Joines7:226:516:096:045:335:3410:13  Lost a wheel
243Andy Evans/ Nev Boulds7:246:506:086:035:265:3110:04  Wheel Bearing
25Graham Butler/ Chris O'Connor6:176:165:265:154:494:43   Flywheel
45Ian Tiffany/ Terry Wilson7:077:215:575:445:154:41   Preserving the car
273Matthew Robert Jakeman/ Gary Jakeman7:056:456:0112:00     Thottle cable stuck
105Mark Borthwick/ Phil Boyle6:456:175:395:33     Engine mouting broke
352Andrew Irving / Reg Irving 7:047:19       Broken Drive Shaft
254Sam Jones/ Graham Fraser7:236:37       It just stopped!
84Mike English/ John Darlington6:436:15       Hit tree sump
482Chris Pearson/ Andy Barnard8:43        Retired
284Philip Ball/ Martin Stembridge7:19        Gearbox

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
4.80 miles
Stage 2
4.80 miles
Stage 3
4.20 miles
Stage 4
4.20 miles
Stage 5
4.10 miles
Stage 6
4.10 miles
Stage 7
4.20 miles
Stage 8
4.20 miles
Stage 9
3.70 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 12th June 2016 at 6:35pm BST