Stockton & District Motor Club - SG Petch Tour of Hamsterley Rally 2014

Final Stage Times in Class Order to ATC7

Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
Class A1
131A1Dan Thompson/ Mike Scrimgour3:359:5410:353:3127:35115
134A1Christopher Roe/ Robert McKenzie3:4210:2310:533:4128:39217
130A1Andy Forrest/ Kevin Bardon5:0010:2911:183:4530:32319
132A1James Johns/ John Thornton3:5811:0011:553:5430:47420
Class A2
119A2Malcolm Davey/ Paul Slingsby3:239:2810:193:2226:3219
118A2William Midgley/ Jonathan Driver3:369:3410:193:2826:57211
121A2James Hall/ Alex benn3:3810:0010:233:3127:32314
127A2Trevor Gamble/ Andrew Roughead3:3611:1410:313:2328:44418
128A2John Dewar Young/ Alexander Goose4:2913:1713:214:0635:13524
Class A3
108A3Dave Hemingway/ Simon Ashton3:129:109:543:2125:3717
113A3Martin Mansell/ Brian Benjamin3:219:2210:263:2426:33210
117A3John Tillett/ Sam Spencer3:289:4510:303:2627:09312
116A3Graham Haigh/ Kari Bates3:369:3910:313:2527:11413
110A3Barry Stevenson-wheeler/ John Pickavance3:139:0317:533:0933:18522
126A3Robert Cholmondeley/ Dave Evans4:1211:4912:454:041:0033:50623
Car 126 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC4
Class A4
124A4CHRIS MARLOW/ RALPH STORKE3:3810:2710:243:3128:00116
120A4Graeme Powell/ Mark Casey4:1111:0311:433:5330:50221
Class A5
101A5Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson2:427:398:162:3821:1511
102A5Peter Stephenson/ Ian Windress2:498:118:342:4222:1622
103A5Ian Joel/ Graeme Wood3:038:128:442:5222:5133
105A5Steve Petch/ John Richardson3:058:489:093:0024:0244
106A5Thomas Preston / Jamie Forrest 3:048:599:142:5824:1555
107A5Tony Arnsby/ Chris Purvis3:118:459:203:0224:1866
109A5John Bainbridge/ Giles Dykes3:319:379:373:1225:5778

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Redford 1
2.54 miles
Stage 2
Kings Crag 1
7.39 miles
Stage 3
Strawberry Bank
8.94 miles
Stage 6
Redford 2
2.54 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 26th April 2014 at 6:39pm BST