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Opposite Lock Rally 2001

Final Awards List

                        1st Overall   3 Chris Wood
                                        James Greenwood

                        2nd Overall   1 Peter Dobson
                                        Anne Ellis

                        3rd Overall  13 Kenny Brown
                                        Alan Brown

                        1st Class A  36 Craig Burgess
                                        Lee Burgess

                        2nd Class A  26 Ian Titterton
                                        Bob Parkinson

                        3rd Class A  44 Jon Neale
                                        John McNichol

                        1st Class B  16 Terry Searle
                                        David Cox

                        2nd Class B  31 Paul McMullan
                                        Jane Cowling

                        3rd Class B  70 Marc Atkinson
                                        Neil Cooke

                        1st Class C   7 Chris Leeming
                                        Raymond Guy

                        2nd Class C  15 Peter Dickson
                                        Ben Dickson

                        3rd Class C  11 Richard Hill
                                        Daniel Stone

                        1st Class D   2 Berb Clement
                                        Fatbob Charmbury

                        2nd Class D  61 Ken Brown
                                        Greg Barlow

                        3rd Class D   8 Michael Moore
                                        Arthur Heaton

                 1st Slaithwaite MC  10 Tim Cockroft
                                        Steven Atkins

                1st Huddersfield MC  38 David Hodgson
                                        Adrian Crozier

                         1st Novice  51 Dom Foister
                                        Terry Worsdale

            1st Mixed or all Female  33 Graham Steggles
                                        Emma Bain

      Best ANCC Championship Driver   3 Chris Wood
                                        James Greenwood

   Best ANCC Championship Co-Driver   7 Chris Leeming
                                        Raymond Guy

                Spirit of the Rally     No Eligible Finishers

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