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Maple Garage Beaver Rally 1999

Entry List

No Driver/Navigator                  Car                  C Club                 Entrant/Sponsor           
== ================                  ===                  = ====                 ===============           
 1 Gav Smith/Mike Ogram              Nissan Sunny         A Beverley             Cottingham MOT Centre      
 2 Carl Hawkins/David Campbell       Vauxhall Nova        A Eastwood/Ripon                                  
 3 Guy Robinson/Charles Wheeldon     Vauxhall Nova        A Matlock                                         
 4 Martin Smith/PRAR                 Toyota Corolla       A 061                                             
 5 Fred Davidson/Graham Willcock     Vauxhall Astra GTE   A Malton                                          
 6 Mark Turner/Tim Cork              Peugeot 306          A Sheffield & Hallamsh                            
 7 Steven Featherstone/Matthew Fox   Ford Sierra          A Malton                                          
 8 Jason Turner/Alastair Crosby      Ford Fiesta          A Selby                TBM Cutters and Wear Parts 
 9 Dave Lockwood/John Pickavance     Peugeot 205 GTI      A Loughborough                                    
10 Keith Astley/Jez Pole             Vauxhall Astra GTE   A Loughborough                                    
11 Mark Walker/Henry Carr            Peugeot 205          A Ilkley                                          
12 Russ Jones/Roger Hage             BL Mini              A Eastwood             Rogers Map Services        
13 Dave Twilton/Mike Petch           Vauxhall Astra       A Beverley                                        
14 John Dimbleby/Anton Lagzdins      Morris Cooper S      A Lincoln                                         
15 Mike Kent/Colin Stockil           Ford Sierra          A Ripon                Monkton Moor Garage        
16 Pamela Ashton/Christopher Brown   Vauxhall Nova        A Lindholme                                       L
17 Dave Chapman/David Taylor         Vauxhall Astra       A Ilkley                                          
18 Anne Johnson/David Coggins        Vauxhall Nova Merit  A Sheffield & Hallamsh                            
19 Curley Haigh/Sally Peacock        Ford Escort          C Malton                                          
20 Andrew Procter/Jason Crook        Vauxhall Astra       C Clitheroe                                       
21 Nichola Hillier/Dave Broadley     MG Metro             C Lincs Louth                                     
22 Tim Rodgers/Matthew Blood         Vauxhall Corsa       C Beverley                                        
23 David Bennett/Oliver Jopson       Leyland Mini 1275GT  C York                                            
24 Peter Reeson/Paul Daft            Peugeot 205          C Eastwood                                        
25 Andrew Farley/Alister Mcneil      Vauxhall Corsa Sport C York                                            W
26 Andy Beaumont/Danny Robinson      Ford Escort RS2000   C Beverley                                        
27 Mark Whitford/Iain Tullie         Toyota Corolla       A Eastwood/Ilkley                                 L
28 Shaun Mortimer/John Heppell       Ford Sierra          C Beverley                                        
29 Elizabeth Young/Roger Cunningham  Honda Civic 1.4      C Malton/De Lacy                                  
30 Sarah Craven/Stephen Taylor       Vauxhall Astra       C Ripon                                           
31 Nigel Hutchinson/Stewart Chambers Vauxhall Nova        C Malton                                          
32 Jon Meacock/Carl Briggs           VW Golf GTI          C Beverley                                        

L indicates Female/Mixed Crew
Class A is Experts. Class C is combined Semi-Experts & Novices

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